Lisa Rinna Hints Yolanda Foster Is A Liar: ‘Something Just Isn’t Adding Up For Me Here’

Lisa Rinna felt bad when she questioned Yolanda Foster’s lyme disease briefly on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa knew that she may have crossed a line when she brought up Munchausen syndrome, so she went straight to her co-star to apologize. But after their meeting last week, Rinna was surprised to see Yolanda twist her words. And according to a new Bravo report, Lisa Rinna isn’t too happy with Foster. In fact, she’s hinting that Foster may be lying a little bit.

Rinna reveals that she went back to her blog from last week and reminded everyone of what she wrote; Lisa wanted to move on from her drama with Foster. And she also quoted John Adams, saying that facts are stubborn and despite our best efforts, we cannot alter or change them.

“The fact is, I went to Yolanda’s home to own my s**t and be straight with Yolanda about the whole Munchausen moment. While there, she asked me if LVP had said that her kids didn’t really have Lyme disease. I answered only that they had been ‘very lightly’ discussing the subject at Kyle’s BBQ. I never verified that LVP had said anything about the kids’ Lyme disease,” Lisa Rinna reveals in her blog, sharing her side of the story.

At this point, Rinna thinks everything is just perfect between them, as she got to apologize for everything that was said and thought about the situation. Lisa wanted Foster to know that she didn’t think that she was faking having Lyme disease or making herself sick. She just wanted her friend to know that it had been brought up. So, she was shocked when her co-star decided to accuse her of gossiping about Foster’s children and their illnesses.

“Then, at lunch with Kyle and LVP, Yolanda said, ‘And then she (me, Lisa Rinna) also mentioned that you (LVP) said that Bella and Anwar do not have Lyme disease.’ ” I never said that! These lips never spoke those words. So, why did Yolanda twist the truth about my involvement? Why try to ‘alter the state of facts and evidence’? Why would a woman who speaks so passionately of her own high vibrational living want to invest her limited energies into something like this?” Rinna points out, sharing that she never questioned that Bella and Anwar don’t have lyme disease.

According to Radar Online, Lisa Vanderpump defended her actions, saying that she had talked to Mohamed Hadid, who is Bella and Anwar’s father. He claimed that they were perfectly healthy, but Foster revealed that he was indeed the ones paying their medical bills. One could argue that Foster shouldn’t have said anything about her kids’ health in the public, if she can’t handle the discussion surrounding it. And Lisa Rinna was very upset that she was being accused of something she didn’t do. She even posted quotes on Instagram, hinting that someone was lying.

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“Something just isn’t adding up for me here. Particularly when Yolanda was the first one to mention her kids’ Lyme diagnosis in this public forum. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, oops…I mean Holland!” Lisa concludes that part of her blog.

Of course, Lisa isn’t accusing Yolanda of lying about having the disease. She merely points out that some of Yolanda’s stories just aren’t matching up with what has been said previously — or their actions. Now, the other ladies may think that Rinna is just gossiping about what they have said to Yolanda — and Foster is twisting her words to make the situation much worse.

What do you think of Lisa Rinna’s shocking blog? Do you think Yolanda Foster is twisting her words on purpose?

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