Demi Lovato Sparks Outrage With Fur Photo

Demi Lovato is in hot water after posting a photo of herself wearing a fur wrap on social media.

Lovato posted the photo to her official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, which shows Demi wrapped in what appears to be a large over-sized fur wrap while holding her dog, Batman.

Although Demi Lovato didn’t immediately clarify whether the brown fur she was wearing was real or faux on her social media pages, the photo caused outrage online, prompting a number of Demi’s fans to slam the singer for donning the wrap.

“If that is fur, I am unfollowing the page!” Facebook user Arka Biswas wrote in the comments section of the post on February 9, while Melanie Demmelbauer also took serious aim at Lovato over the controversial fashion statement.


A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

“Sorry demi but that is disgusting! Fur is the most badest thing you can do! [sic],” Demmelbauer wrote on Facebook. “You say you love animals but love to wear a animal who suffert for your comfort?? This is not OK miss lovato! Sorry but you lost a lot from me [sic].”

The outrage also spread to Instagram, where a number of fans slammed Demi for wearing any form of fur, faux or real.

“Horrible! Real fur or not it’s a horrible pic anyway. If you really love animals you can’t use even an fake fur [sic],” Instagram user @yoyaponce commented on the photo, while @mickydl wrote “Noooooo demi… Seriously fur?? Whilst holding your dog??!! Com on thats disgusting [sic].”

According to Us Weekly, while the controversial photo was only posted to Lovato’s social media pages on February 9, it was actually taken during Demi’s March photo shoot for the cover of Allure Magazine, which took place in New York last month.

Demi has so far stayed mum on the storm brewing around her latest social media photo, although Lovato did return to social media the same day to reveal her excitement for her upcoming Grammy performance.

“You have no idea how excited I am to perform with @johnlegend @meghan_trainor and @lukebryanonline for the @Lionelrichie tribute…. Let’s do this!!” Lovato wrote.

But while Demi is keeping tight-lipped about the fur drama, the star hasn’t been shy about voicing her love of animals in the past.

Earlier this month, Lovato and her long-time boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, took to social media to post a slew of photos from their day looking after animals at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in California, where they celebrated Wilmer’s 36th birthday.

“Saturday I was surprised by my beautiful friends! They took me on a #birthday excursion.. We took in the beauty and the spirit of #WolfMountainSanctuary,” Valderrama wrote on Instagram on February 1.

Lovato also confirmed the animal activist trip on her own Instagram page, writing, “Spent the day at Wolf Mountain sanctuary.. It was unbelievable. I fell in love with the wolves there and wish I could spend more time with these beautiful, spiritual creatures [sic].”

Demi also revealed in an interview with Extra in 2014 that her diet is extremely animal friendly, as she doesn’t eat gluten or dairy and also observes veganism.

“I try to eat raw food whenever possible. I don’t eat it all the time just because I’m the type of person that if I do something, if I go all one way, I get burnt out,” Demi Lovato told Extra, “I’m gluten-free and dairy-free because I’m allergic to them. I just eat vegan and raw as much as possible and it’s really changed my body and made me feel better.”

Do you think Demi Lovato was wearing real or faux fur in her social media photo?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]