Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Supporters ‘Stupid, Snot-Nosed Crud’ Who Should Be Killed

Alex Jones is probably the last person you’d expect to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. After all, how could the most progressive candidate to ever gain traction on the American stage be linked with the same person whom even Glenn Beck calls a conspiracy theorist.

Yet if you had any doubt, Alex has made abundantly clear that he is not feeling the Bern on a recent episode of his show Info Wars. Bernie is far from the first left-wing public figure to set Jones off, but the rage that Sanders inspired in Alex might even qualify as an especially angered reaction for him.

Alex Jones thinks Bernie Sanders supporters are fools
Bernie Sanders is perhaps Alex Jones' currently most loathed individual; he's been almost constantly linking him to controversial figures like Mao Zedong. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Jones’ critique echoed what much of the conservative media has used to tear apart Bernie as his momentum has risen over the past few months. Alex linked Sanders to communist and Nazi dictators, starting out the take-down by talking about how the same people pledging their support for the Democratic Socialist candidate were the ones who excused the deaths Jones attributes to such political philosophies.

“Bernie wants us to live under the heavenly communist, socialist system like China. You never hear the left criticize that Mao Zedong killed over eight million people… You stupid, snot-nosed crud living off the backs of everybody that fought Nazism and communism. You need to have your jaws broken. Don’t you worry, reality is going to crash in on you trash who lowered our defenses, who brought the republic down, or we’re already gone. And you celebrated it! You joined the globalists mounting America’s head on the wall. your great victory. The mass rape of women across Europe… All in the name of glorious Steinem and the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Despite his hatred of Sanders, it definitely shouldn’t be assumed that this means Alex is pulling for Hillary Clinton. All of these statements are typical of the kind of anti-left rhetoric that is often employed by Jones on his show — a program that’s known for being patently offensive. In fact, Alex continued his rant against Bernie by imitating the voice of a mentally disabled person when speaking about Sanders’ supporters.

“Bernie with his fake Einstein hair, and his ‘I’m a man of the people!’ You go out and talk to Sanders supporters. They can hardly talk. Free! Free! I want free stuff! As if the New World Order is going to give you anything free. It’s free like a piece of cheese [in a mousetrap]… but you’re stupider than the little mouse. You see all the countries and all the people caught in the trap… and you know what you do? You can [walk] into a capitalist shop… You snuggle in with that credit card Daddy put in from the trust fund. You put on that little fur-rimmed coat with your Che Guevara shirt… that the capitalist record company is selling you. Pathetic! Scum! Oh, how you’ll burn in the camps later wishing you’d done something… You are the ultimate buffoons.”

Bernie Sanders supporters boil Alex Jones blood
For months, Bernie Sanders has become one of the primary targets of Alex Jones on his 'Info Wars' program, with the radio host calling him an imminent sign of a communist takeover. (Photo by Hal Yeager/Getty Images)

This was, of course, not the first time that Alex Jones has torn apart Bernie Sanders. Some of his Alex’s previous shows centering around the presidential hopeful include, “Socialist Bernie Is Coming For Your Guns” and “Sanders Is A Hardcore Socialist Moron.”

[Image via Chip Somodevilla and Oli Scarff/Getty Images]