‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Does Ben Higgins Pull A Mesnick On Finale Night?

Last night at the end of The Bachelor 2016, they shared a preview that has fans wondering what Ben Higgins ends up doing at the end. Ben actually made it look like he will call back the girl that he already sent home and say he made a big mistake. IB Times shared about what the preview showed and what fans want to know about Ben Higgins’ ending.

This looks like Ben Higgins pulls a Mesnick! Do you know what that means? When Jason ended his season, he kept around Melissa Rycroft and told her that she was the one for him. They tried to make it work, but when it was time for After the Final Rose, Jason called Molly and had her come back to the show. Jason told her she was really the one he loved and now the two are married and have a gorgeous little girl at home. It looks like Ben Higgins could do the same.

In the preview, Ben Higgins is talking to the camera and he says, “I’m about to get on one knee and ask a woman to marry me. Unfortunately, I just love somebody else … more.” The next thing you know, Ben is calling a woman on the phone, but they don’t show who it is at all. Ben could easily be calling someone such as his mom to ask for advice, but it makes it look like Ben Higgins is calling back another girl that he already sent home. Ben is having a hard time with his choice in the end either way, and this is going to be hard for the girl he picked to watch.

All season long, Reality Steve has said that he knows who Ben Higgins picks, and now he is still standing by his spoilers. Ben Higgins will pick one girl in the end and not pull a Mesnick, according to Steve. Now he even has a poll on his site, and most people feel like Steve’s spoilers are still true. Here is some of what Reality Steve shared about Ben Higgins’ ending.

“No, I don’t know anything about the call Ben places at the end, but much like when Chris Harrison delivered a letter to Sean that subsequently had all of America freaking out, I’m sure that call is nothing. Do you know how many “I HAVE to know what’s in the letter!” emails I got that season? Tons. And what’d it turn out to be? Absolutely nothing important. Ben certainly isn’t calling another girl, so the only possible person left is his mother, something we saw him do on the first episode at the mansion. I know you want to read into it, but don’t. That call I guarantee has zero bearing on anything.”

It is obvious that Reality Steve doesn’t think that Ben Higgins pulls a Mesnick, but the preview really does make it look that way. Ben Higgins himself did already share that he tells two girls that he loves them at the end of the show. Ben will be very torn about who to pick in the end and that is obvious, but Reality Steve shared that he is certain that he knows the winner. Fans can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the end.

Do you think that Ben Higgins will pull a Jason Mesnick and change his mind about who to pick in the end? Do you think that Reality Steve will be right and he just picks one girl in the end? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins on Monday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]