Lil Wayne Hit With $12.8M In Taxes As $1.5M Donated To Black Lives Matter

Lil Wayne was partying at Super Bowl 50, but as soon as the weekend closed, he was hit with an estimated $900,000 lien and told he owes $12.8 million in taxes. This could potentially be frustrating news for Lil Wayne since he has also been active in giving back with charities.

The idea of a soft-hearted Lil Wayne might have come as a shock to television reporter Katie Couric, according to DJ Booth. In their February article, they stated that Katie Couric said in 2009 that she was “nervous” about interviewing Lil Wayne at that time, because he made a statement about how he was “a rapper. And I am a gangsta. And I do what I want.”

Obviously, since 2009, Lil Wayne has changed — and he even attended a Stop the Violence charity fundraiser in May 2015. Nevertheless, being non-violent does not mean not being outspoken, and Lil Wayne got up in arms at the referee of that charity basketball sports event.

According to Hollywood Life, “…Lil Wayne disagreed with quite a few of the ref’s calls, and eventually confronted him on the court — allegedly spitting on him before chasing after him in a fit of rage.”

However, despite public perceptions of his past, Lil Wayne is still looking to show he has changed, and is using his new business venture, TIDAL, to give back to the community.

Lil Wayne gets hit with a tax bill just as he is donating to Black Lives Matter
Lil Wayne donated a large sum to Black Lives Matter just as he was hit with a multi-million tax bill. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Sadly, after this decision was made to give to charity, Lil Wayne was almost immediately hit with a large tax bill. As previously reported by the Inquistir, Lil Wayne finally won a lawsuit for $120K, but his finances may be tied up since he has been waiting to settle his $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money Records and Birdman for over a year.

Now, Hot New Hip Hop reports on February 9 that Lil Wayne has a $868,079.89 lien against his property in Miami for unpaid taxes that date back to 2014. The Source reports that this is a small fraction of the estimated $12.8 million that Lil Wayne owes to the IRS and state the following.

“[An] $880 million plus tax bill for 2014 were the peak of his fi[n]ancial woes, the IRS claims that Weezy, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, owes $6,311,132 for 2012’s taxes and $5,843,952 for 2011.”

At the same time, Lil Wayne is in the news for being part of two different charity causes. The first, as reported by Boom Box, involves Lil Wayne’s TIDAL and a “social wave contest to encourage community service.”

Lil Wayne may be dealing with hefty sums owed to Uncle Sam, but there have been no reports that Lil Wayne is donating to charity as a tax write-off.

Instead, Nano News reports that TIDAL is also donating $1.5 million to the Black Lives Matter cause — and this has been in the works for several months according to the following statement.

“The $1.5 million donation was funded by proceeds of the first Tidal X: 10/20 charity concert in Brooklyn, New York in October 2015. The company made the announcement yesterday, 2/5, the day that Trayvon Martin would have turned 21-years old.”

In the meantime, Lil Wayne is still in Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Sun, and on February 9 they quoted a fan that talked about the two-hour wait to see Lil Wayne perform at The Foundery with the following.

“You’re talking about one of the best rappers of this era. It was hype, it was real.”

This comes after playing the Super Bowl 50 after-party at The Grand nightclub with Von Miller and Peyton Manning. About the event, TMZ reports that it was so wild at the Lil Wayne performance that insiders claimed “the fire [department] came and had to shut it down at one point!”

Lil Wayne's Dedication Tour has been getting rave reviews from his fans. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

This adds to a long list of successful shows for Lil Wayne’s recent Dedication Tour — and fans have been singing their praises. Richmond Magazine writes about his show on February 4 and says Lil Wayne told the crowd the following.

“It’s just self-motivation. I ain’t trying to hurt nobody’s feelings when I say I’m the greatest rapper there is.”

[Picture by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]