Mega Millions Live Drawing Video And Winning Numbers Results For $80 Million Jackpot Feb. 9

It’s Feb. 9, and that means the Mega Millions live drawing will take place at 11:00 p.m. ET. The Mega Millions winning numbers will be revealed and players across the country are vying for the chance to win the $80 million jackpot. Mega Millions has an estimated cash value of $51 million. The last drawing was held on Feb. 5, 2016, and the previous winning numbers were 4, 6, 23, 55, 75 and the gold Mega Ball was 2. The megaplier was 3. When playing Mega Millions you can choose a megaplier that will multiply the selected amount of non-jackpot winning prizes. There are multiple ways to win Mega Millions, making it one of the nation’s most popular jackpot games.

You can watch the last Mega Millions drawing as it streamed live in the video below. Once tonight’s live drawing begins and the winning numbers are released, the video below will be updated and the winning numbers results included.

Are you playing tonight’s Mega Millions? Will you be the next jackpot winner for the nice sum of $80 million?

Update! The Mega Millions winning numbers for Feb. 9, 2016, are 3, 42, 46, 56, 71 and the Mega Ball is 13. The Multiplier is 4x.

The California lottery shared the above tweet discussing the purchase of a dream home for the lucky Mega Millions jackpot winner. If you won the jackpot what would you do with the money? Would you prefer a lump sum, cash payment or have your winning spread out over the years in a cash annuity. There are many decisions to take into consideration when playing the lottery, and though the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 258,890,850, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Someone has to win, so why not you? When you take the time to play Mega Millions and purchases tickets, you should also be prepared for the steps you would take should you have the winning numbers.

When you play lottery jackpot games like Mega Millions, you need to know if you will choose your own numbers to play or let the computer pick them for you. This is called an Easy or Quick Pick ticket. Many people have sworn that picking their own numbers was the best way to go, but more people are beating the odds and winning top prizes by choosing Quick Picks and Easy Picks. After you pick your numbers and receiving your Mega Millions ticket, sign the back of it. This prevents other people from claiming your ticket as their own. This is a growing concern for Mega Millions winners and should be taken into consideration.

If you do have the winning numbers, you will need to determine if you prefer to receive your winning in cash or an annuity. This decision is often best made with the advice of an expert. Meet with a financial planner and CPA so that you can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both options. Those who are used to handling wealth and have a solid, financial portfolio that includes a lot of investing may feel comfortable handling a large, cash sum. Those who are new to being rich, might find a lump sum payment overwhelming and too difficult to manage. For many, choosing a cash annuity is the safest option as you can afford to make some financial mistakes without losing all your money. When you speak with a financial planner, you can ask any questions you might have and discuss the drawbacks or taking a lump sum payment. As an annuity takes place over years, you might want to designate someone to receive your payments should something happen to you. This is best accomplished through the use of a legal will. A CPA can help you deal with the applicable taxes you must pay out of your winnings and an attorney can help you set up a will and also explain any issues you might have about the tax portion of your winnings.

This weekend saw both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots rise; however, neither had a jackpot winner this past weekend. Mega Millions drawing begins tonight at 11:00 p.m. ET. You can watch the drawing live in the video player above.

[Photo by Andi Berger/Shutterstock]