Kailyn Lowry Still Mum About Deployment, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Struggling Amid Javi Marroquin’s Absence

Kailyn Lowry seems to be doing okay on the outside, but she may be struggling without Javi Marroquin around. The two have been through a lot together, much of which has been documented on Teen Mom 2. Recently, Lowry underwent a few body-altering procedures. She has been getting crude comments from people about her choices to change her looks, but Marroquin has spoken out in support of his wife. Speculations have been swirling that the two were headed for divorce prior to the surgery, and even after. These rumors were fueled by Marroquin’s absence from Lowry’s recovery.

Back in January, Kailyn Lowry began posting photos to social media without Javi Marroquin in them. People immediately jumped to the conclusion the two had split, but others were commenting about his deployment. According to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry’s husband, Javi Marroquin has been deployed to Qatar. It has been confirmed by photos he has posted to social media. He deployed sometime in the middle of January, right around the same time Lowry went to Miami for her surgery. The two are rumored to be keeping in contact by using Face Time. There has been some controversy surrounding Lowry deciding to undergo plastic surgery while her husband is away. Lowry was also called out for being more worried about her endorsement deals than making sure she is healing from the procedures.


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While Kailyn Lowry seems to be happy while Javi Marroquin is gone, the kids are another story. Issac spends time with Jo Rivera, but is used to having Marroquin home with him every night. While being in the Air Force is something that is important to him, the way it affects on the kids could be an issue. Lincoln isn’t old enough to understand, but senses that is dad is no longer at home. Lowry has handled Marroquin’s deployment before, and she will get through it again. It is heartbreaking to watch the kids miss their father, but when duty calls, you go and serve.

It appears that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin may have had his orders several months in advance. Reports indicate the two specifically spent the holidays together in anticipation of his deployment. While it was unclear where he was headed, Marroquin has been posting to social media while deployed in Qatar. Technology is so much more advanced now, keeping in touch with his children is absolutely doable now. Issac is having a harder time now than he has in the past, mostly because he understands where Marroquin is going. Lincoln is too little to grasp deployment, but he is missing his daddy. Talking to them on Face Time helps, but it doesn’t always make things any easier.

There has been some talk about the state Kailyn Lowry is in now that Javi Marroquin is halfway around the world. According to OK! Magazine, Kailyn Lowry isn’t sad with her husband gone. There have been some issues in their marriage happening for quite some time. Much of it was documented on Teen Mom 2, even though some of it was hard to watch. Counseling may have happened between the two, but it was never confirmed. They seemed to be dedicated to making their marriage work. Lowry has been embarrassed by the way Marroquin has acted in the past, especially when she wanted to go out with her girlfriends. Now that they are spending time apart, their marriage will have a chance to breathe.

No information is available about how long Kailyn Lowry will be without Javi Marroquin. Deployment times vary from months to over a year. While it seems like this may be something short and simple, the fact that he is in Qatar is a bit troublesome. Kailyn Lowry is holding the fort down at home and when Javi Marroquin returns, things will get back to normal.

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