Colleen Crowley: Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Said She Feared For Her Life During January Assault

Colleen Crowley claims that ex-boyfriend Johnny Manziel threw her on a hotel bed in Dallas and refused to let her leave, leading the 23-year-old to fear for her life.

Manziel’s ex-girlfriend is at the center of a domestic abuse allegation against the embattled NFL quarterback, with claims that he hit her in an attack on January 30. A police affidavit shows that Crowley detailed a prolonged attack that started at a hotel and continued through a car ride and ended at her apartment.

Crowley said she and Manziel were at an upscale hotel when Manziel attacked her, striking her and throwing her onto a bed. After Manziel tried to prevent her from leaving the room, the pair eventually went to the hotel valet, the affidavit claimed.

Inside the car, Johnny Manziel attacked, his former girlfriend claimed.

“He grabbed me by my hair and threw me back into the car and got back in himself. He hit me with his open hand on my left ear for jumping out of the car. I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I still cannot today, two days later,” the affidavit reads.

A lawyer for Crowley later claimed that the strike was so violent, it ruptured Crowley’s eardrum.

“They expect [the ear] to heal, but it’ll take a while,” attorney Kathy Kinser told NBC5 (via ESPN).

During the ride, Johnny Manziel reportedly threatened to kill both Colleen Crowley and himself, the affidavit claimed. The two continued fighting at Crowley’s apartment, the police report claimed, with Manziel reportedly destroying Crowley’s phone and Crowley pulling a knife in her kitchen.

Manziel has denied all the allegations.

As CNN reported, this is not the first time that Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend had a run-in that ended up with police involved.

“Another incident happened October 12 in Avon, Ohio.”

“In a dashcam video, a police officer pulled up to Manziel and a woman — later identified as his then-girlfriend Crowley — parked along the side of a two-lane road, telling them about ‘numerous calls’ about their speeding BMW. The woman claimed Manziel hit her several times to prevent her from getting out of the vehicle, while downplaying the incident.”

Johnny Manziel’s trouble could extend beyond the allegations in Dallas. He also reportedly showed up to the Cleveland Browns facility drunk in the final week of the season, which could lead to big trouble for the Browns.

The Browns said that Manziel was diagnosed with a concussion by an independent neurologist, but an NFL Network report claimed that they had lied about the injury to cover up for Manziel showing up drunk.

The team had issued a statement on December 30 saying that Manziel was suffering concussion symptoms and was being placed in the league-mandated concussion protocol. The team claimed that it took Manziel until January 12 until he was finally cleared, CBS Dallas Fort-Worth reported.

Former coach Mike Pettine denied the allegations, but it could mean serious trouble for the Browns if it turned out to be true. Reports indicate that the Browns plan to release Manziel in March, and his future in the NFL remain uncertain.

Police did not file charges in the January incident, but the investigation in Dallas remains ongoing. In the meantime, Manziel’s former girlfriend Colleen Crowley filed a protective order that orders Manziel to stay away from her for two years.

[Image via Instagram/Colleen Crowley]