Lala Kent Reveals Ex-Boyfriend Hayes Pullard: Who Is This Man James Is So Upset About?

Last night on a new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent mentioned a boyfriend that she still meets up with from time to time. This guy is named Hayes Pullard and now everyone wants to know the details about Lala’s ex that she still spends time with when she can fit it in. Ok! Here is the Situation shared all about Lala’ Kent’s ex in a new post. James Kennedy was actually really upset about the fact that Lala Kent was still meeting up with him, even though they were not exclusive and just admitted to being friends who like to make out.

Lala Kent’s ex-boyfriend Hayes Pullard isn’t just some random guy. OK! Here is the Situation was actually able to get the scoop straight from Lala Kent before anyone. Hayes Pullard is a football player, who actually plays in the NFL. Lala’s ex plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was also the starting linebacker at University of South California. Football is his focus and this could be part of why Hayes Pullard and Lala Kentjust can’t work. Hayes makes it clear that football is his focus, which just might not leave enough time for a relationship. Before getting drafted into the NFL, Lala Kent’s ex shared how important it was to him.

“I went to USC to fulfill my father’s dream. I got my degree to fulfill my mother’s dream. And now I’m writing this letter to you to fulfill my dream. I understand that I’m facing a tremendous challenge, but I’m confident that I’m up for it. The good ones rely on their athletic ability, but the great ones utilize their mind in order to get the most out of their athletic ability. If you draft me, know that I have no plans on being just good.”

Back in November, Lala Kent talked about him and shared the details of what went on with them. These two were obviously very serious. Lala Kent doesn’t seem totally ready to move on and give up on him.

“His name is Hayes Pullard. We got together when he was 19, playing football at USC. He is now a rookie for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We are still very close, even though we aren’t together.”