‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: April And Jackson’s Fate To Be Revealed, Fans Worry Sarah Drew Is Leaving

Thursday, a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy will air. Viewers have been waiting on this show to come back since before Christmas. Thursday’s episode will be a wild one as viewers see Meredith Grey get attacked by a patient. Of course, everyone is curious about this part of Grey’s Anatomy, but one thing on everyone’s mind is if April and Jackson will fix their marriage or not. This couple is a fan favorite on Grey’s. EW shared some details about what is going on with April and Jackson and when viewers of Grey’s Anatomy will get to find out if they are going to stay together or not.

There will be a special hour-long episode of Grey’s Anatomy that will give a big update about April and Jackson. This episode of Grey’s Anatomy is going to be focused on this couple. This will all go down on Grey’s on February 25, which is still a few weeks away. Viewers are going to have to wait to find out the details on April and Jackson and how they are doing.

This will all go down on Grey’s Anatomy with a flashback episode. They will show things about this couple from the second that they met each other. They started out at Mercy West, which eventually merged with the hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace, and are now there together. One character is coming back to Grey’s Anatomy for this episode as well, which will be Robert Baker as Dr. Charles Percy. Catherine Avery will be back on this episode as well.

This Grey’s Anatomy episode will not just focus on April and Jackson though. It will be a lot about them, but one thing that will be going also is Jackson’s new patient, played by guest star Maya Stojan. Finally, this episode of Grey’s Anatomy will explain how Jackson and April are now, which is what fans really want to know. They are the couple that everyone can’t help but cheer on and hope that they can work it out.

Sarah Drew, who plays April on Grey’s Anatomy, shared a few details about what is going on with these two characters.

“You don’t really find out what really happened with April and Jackson until episode 11. You get little snippets in 9 and 10, but 11 is a big one. It was so much fun to shoot, an epic journey and every actor’s dream basically. It’s one of those special episodes. There’s some big stuff coming up for April. It’s been an exhausting season for me — I’ll just say that. It’s exciting and it’s artistically and deeply satisfying.”


There is always hope for this Grey’s Anatomy couple though. April and Jackson could make it through, and even if they don’t, you never know what Shonda Rhimes will decide to do with them in the future. This show is too unpredictable to know for sure.

Today, Sarah Drew made her fans worried that she might be leaving the show. This is not the case, though. Sarah took Grey’s Anatomy out of her Twitter handle and simply changed it to her name. Fans freaked out and thought this meant she was leaving, but she shared that wasn’t the case.

Do you think that April and Jackson should be together on Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think that they are the perfect pair? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]