Jennifer Aniston Helps Ellen DeGeneres Promote 10th Season [Video]

Jennifer Aniston has decided to help Ellen promote the 10th season of her talk show Ellen, showing that the talk show host probably shouldn’t become a makeup artist.

E Online reports that the new promo for the upcoming season features DeGeneres doting on her friend and frequent guest with various household appliances, including a mop and a vacuum.

Aniston first appears on screen, looking very put together, and states:

“Coming on Ellen’s show is different than doing any other show, because Ellen takes care of you from the moment you get here.”

From there, Ellen appears, combing Aniston’s hair, doing her makeup, and even vacuuming her armpits. The clip is not the only promo, as People notes, as another clip shows DeGeneres directing Jennifer Aniston while asking her to show off her best side. After spending time to move her around the set, trying to determine what makes her look best, Ellen makes her guest cover half her face, in order to record the spot.

In a third commercial, Aniston is blown away when Ellen turns on a fan in front of her so that she appears “sexy” like a model. Aniston replies, “But I’m not a model,” and DeGeneres simply replies, “Well, you should be a mode. Just do it. Keep going.”

Jodi Jill with The Examiner writes that, “Jennifer Aniston seems to have a fun time sharing a moment with the famous talk show host and she incorporates the fans into the fun.”

Check out the Ellen commercial below, featuring Jennifer Aniston (courtesy of US Weekly):

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s commercials supporting Ellen DeGeneres?