Now A Tap On Your Apple Watch Can Summon A Tesla Car

The future is here, and if you are a Tesla car owner, you already know all of its awesome features. However, now with a tap of your wrist on your Apple smartwatch, you can now summon your Tesla car. Tesla is the self-parking car that is really awesome.

Now, according to Mashable, Apple has released an app for a smartwatch that allows for Tesla car owners to summon their car to them. How cool is this? With this new app, if you are tired, disabled, or just plain lazy, with a few taps on your smartwatch Apple app — if you are a Tesla car owner, of course — you can bring the car to you. You can even tell the car, with a tap on the watch, to move forward, move backward, or to stop. It will even open and close your garage door for you.

Although this app works with the Tesla car, it is not supported by Tesla and instead by Apple. The third-party app is called Remote S for Tesla. This app was created by iOS developer Allen Wong. Not only does it bring your car to you, but it also allows you to see some different stats about your car. Some of the things it lets you see about your car include charging status, speed, position, and temperature. It also lets you unlock and start your car before summoning it to come to you.

Have your Tesla car come to you with a tap of your Apple smartwatch.
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

This latest update of allowing you to summon your Tesla car happened last Wednesday. Mr. Wong released some notes about this newest update to the app, and according to the developer, you can also summon your Tesla car to come to you even if your key fob is away from your car. There is usually a 39 feet range limitation on it. However, according to 9to5Mac, the only way this works without your key fob being away from your car is if you press the keyless start button on the watch before you use the Summon feature.

The owner of Tesla Motors, Mark Schey, tested the new feature out, and it definitely works. Something worth buying if you can afford it!

9to5Mac also states that although this new Summon feature currently allows you to only Summon your car from in and out of your garage, according to Schey, pretty soon owners of the Tesla car will be able to Summon their cars from across the country. This means if you ever get stuck somewhere and can’t find a ride, all you have to do is tap the app on your smartwatch and your car will come to get you. How awesome is that?

Not only this, but according to TechnoBuffalo, the newest model of Tesla car is coming out in March of this year. This means we will get to see the newest and more awesome self-parking, summoning car next month! Although we won’t get to see it until next month, TechnoBuffalo was given a quick glance of what it may look like and the features that come with it. This may not be what it will look like at all, according to TechnoBuffalo, however, it is a glance of what it may look like.

The new Tesla Model 3 may come with a grille-less front end as well as suicide doors. It also looks like some of today’s sports cars that we have and the pictures of what it might look like make it look like it has a BMW 3 series GT way to it.

This is the new Tesla Model S that will come to you with a tap of your Apple smartwatch.
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TechnoBuffalo says that Tesla will be releasing the Model 3 at an event in March. They may also share what the price range will be and other stats about the newest Tesla car.

[Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]