Rafael Dos Anjos: UFC Lightweight Champion Says ‘Lowlife’ Conor McGregor Will Suffer Nightmares When He Is ‘Smashed’ At ‘UFC 196’

If there is one MMA fighter today who knows how to promote himself or one of his upcoming fights in the public eye, it is easily Conor McGregor. “The Notorious” has a reputation for being overly confident and brash, an attitude he backs up whenever he steps into the cage. Why it is safe to say that the hype for the fight between him and José Aldo was tantamount, thanks to McGregor’s promo skills.

Unfortunately, there are usually some “social” or “public” casualties whenever Conor McGregor speaks. At UFC “Go Big” Conference, the people who suffered were not just José Aldo who was still UFC featherweight champion at the time, but Rafael dos Anjos and Donald Cerrone. After McGregor mocked Aldo, calling him “The Brazilian” who “doesn’t show up to fights,” he turned his attention to both dos Anjos and Cerrone, claiming they would fight him simply because he is the “money fight” and losing to him would “improve their bum life,” after expressing interest fighting in the lightweight division.

All the hype has come full circle as Conor McGregor will have his chance to become the UFC lightweight champion when he takes on Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196: dos Anjos vs. McGregor. It is there dos Anjos claims “lowlife” McGregor will get “smashed,” resulting in suffering nightmares.

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To be fair, Rafael dos Anjos might have a legitimate reason for wanting to “smash” Conor McGregor. “The Notorious” came into the lightweight division in his usual cocky form, but for some reason has come off disrespectful, especially during the UFC 196: dos Anjos vs. McGregor Press Conference. Whenever someone asked dos Anjos a question, he was only able to get in two words before McGregor rudely interrupted him, providing an “answer” of his own. Such a tactic was McGregor’s way of getting under dos Anjos’ skin, but he wasn’t willing to oblige, per se, as reported by Fox Sports.

“This guy is going to try to get under my skin, but I have a lot of experience inside of the cage. I’ve been fighting since I was 19 years old. I’m just ready to go there and shut this guy’s mouth.”

But to some extent, Conor McGregor may have gotten under Rafael dos Anjos’ skin. It was clearly visible during dos Anjos’ interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, as reported by MMA Fighting.

“This guy thinks because he dresses in expensive clothes and he drives nice cars that he has class, but he is classless. He has no class, he’s a lowlife. I can’t wait to go there. I’m not taking it personal, he’s an actor who is acting. Once I go there, I’m a straight guy, I don’t talk, I do. I’m going to go there and send him back home and to his division. He is going to have nightmares with the lightweight division for the rest of his life.

“I’m going to break him standing, he’s going to feel very bad after I hit him hard several times. And if I want, I will take him down and smash him a bit on the ground. I am not going into this fight saying I’m not going to stand with Conor because I don’t think he brings anything different to me. I’m a better fighter everywhere than him.”

UFC 196: dos Anjos vs. McGregor is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016. The venue will be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also on the card will be Holly Holm’s first title defense as UFC Bantamweight Champion against Miesha Tate.

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