Giuliana Rancic Fired From E! Then Re-Hired: Why Entertainment Host Was Initially Let Go

Would you believe Giuliana Rancic was fired then re-hired by E!? The revelation came from the entertainment news reporter and host in an interview she gave.

Things for Giuliana Rancic got sticky with E! when she criticized Disney star Zendaya Coleman’s dreadlocks on an episode of Fashion Police last year. Radar Online reports that Rancic made the comment that Coleman’s hair felt like “she smells like patchouli oil,” before adding, “maybe weed.” After that, Rancic was slowly phased out of the Fashion Police panel and eventually relocated from Los Angeles to Chicago, where she lives with her husband, Bill, and their 3-year-old son, Duke.

Rancic interviewed with The Every Girl, and shared her experience about what it was like when E! first brought her aboard for hosting duties.

Giuliana Rancic was initially hired by E! after sending them a demo reel to a talent executive at the network. She mailed the reel to them over and over until she got a call from them inviting her to audition for E! News. Giuliana said it was a call that changed her life “forever.”

Rancic described the journey with E! as a rough one at first. She wasn’t exactly a good fit in the beginning when she stepped foot in the doors nearly 14 years ago.

“My journey through the ranks wasn’t a smooth one at first. I was fired shortly after I was hired because some people at the network thought I was a little too rough around the edges,” Rancic said. “But ultimately, it was that irreverence that landed me the lead anchor position. E! decided that I was just what they needed to change the feel of the show and the rest is history.”

Giuliana Rancic was fired and re-hired just like that.

When Rancic first moved to L.A. after graduating from the University of Maryland and American University in journalism, she had to work a few odd jobs before landing that big career at E!.

“My first few years in L.A. I had so many different jobs: I was a hostess, personal assistant, salesperson in retail, I worked in a mailroom, and so on and so on,” Rancic said.

Giuliana Rancic has faced a huge backlash since the Zendaya Coleman incident on Fashion Police, but says she’s she’s had “an amazing fourteen years at E! News and I felt that I had accomplished everything I wanted (and more!) there.”

The 41-year-old continues that “change is good” and it’s important to grow as an individual and professional. She’s happy to put more time into her clothing line “G by Giuliana” at HSN. She’s also excited for her wine line and charity, Fab-U-Wish, in addition to spending more time with family. In the midst of all of this, Giuliana Rancic is interested in finding that “bigger, better, and more meaningful TV opportunity.”

Will anything more become of Giuliana Rancic on E!? A source told Radar Online in another report back in December that she’s just not as much in demand as she once was. When rumors sparked that she was being fired from E!’s Fashion Police for good, an insider said she’s not bringing anything “unique” to the show any longer.

“Some people feel that Giuliana isn’t really bring anything unique to the show anymore,” the source claimed. “She is not really a fashionista, and doesn’t have a lot of credibility in the industry.”

Rancic supposedly doesn’t get along with Brad or Melissa Rivers anymore, either.

It was possible that a male replacement might be in the cards for Fashion Police. One of the names leaked was E.J. Johnson. A rep for the network, however, responded to rumors that E! was firing Giulana Rancic from the show.

The rep said: “There is no truth to the this. Giuliana is a co-host and consulting producer on the series and as our announcement stated last week, she will be returning in 2016.”

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]