7 Ways To Celebrate National Pizza Day

Anna Johansson

Today, February 9, is National Pizza Day, one of the most iconic food days in America. Although pizza originated in Italy, it's become as much of a part of American culture as burgers and French fries. Even though National Pizza Day is probably just a marketing stunt started by a small pizza chain store, it's still worth celebrating.

If you're like the majority of pizza lovers in the nation and don't want to let such a fantastic food celebration day go to waste, here are some of the best ideas you can use to celebrate.

1. Eat a pizza bagel.

Consequently, National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day are on the same day. Why not combine the two holidays for a delicious meal? There are, of course, pizza-flavor bagels you can purchase at any bakery, but there are actually restaurants that specialize in making a pizza with a bagel crust. It's pretty delicious.

2. Order pizza for the whole office.

Be everyone's favorite boss and order lunch on you. Get a variety of pizzas and sodas to go with it. It'll be a memorable experience that could become a beautiful tradition at the office.

3. Go pizza restaurant hopping.

Grab a friend or group of co-workers and try all the best pizza joints in town. Start by doing a little research first on the best pizza places in town, and then plan a route that lets you hit all of them throughout the day. If you live in a big city, you could even book a guided pizza tour.

4. Make your own pizza, breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, or whatever.

Pizza made in a restaurant is always good, but it's often even better when made at home, particularly if you make it with people you love. Not only is it enjoyable to come up with your own toppings and flavor combinations, but it's also a healthier alternative than ordering out if you're trying to watch your weight.

5. Have a pizza bake off.

In the same vein as cooking pizza at home, challenge your friends to a bake off challenge. Split up into a few different teams and plan a shopping trip to get ingredients. Host the event at your house, and you can be the judge. Finish the event by watching a pizza baking competition on the cooking channel while eating the prize pizza.

6. Redeem a coupon.

This is one food day that chain stores are recognizing, and as a result, they're offering a series of coupons for freebies and discounts. Here are some of the best coupons for the day:

7. Join the Random Acts of Pizza community.

There's actually a group on Reddit called Random Acts of Pizza, and their mission is to deliver pizza to someone in need. It allows participants to pay for and deliver a pizza anonymously to those who can't feed themselves. Be careful of con artists, of course, but if everything checks out, you can make someone's day on National Pizza Day!

[Photo by Artem Shadrin/Getty Images]