Charlie Sheen Drops Unbelievable Bomb About HIV Status, Stirs Confusion [Video]

Charlie Sheen shocked the world with his HIV-positive confession and now another unbelievable bombshell has been revealed. According to Radar Online, Charlie Sheen reportedly claims he’s now HIV-negative. It has been reported that a controversial YouTube video has surfaced online and the footage has raised speculation about Charlie Sheen’s medical condition.

The new video centers around a meeting between Charlie Sheen and Dr. Sam Chachoua. For those who haven’t heard of Dr. Chachoua, he’s widely known for his arguable AIDS research because he claims to have developed an AIDS vaccination to combat and cure the deadly virus. Now, he’s reportedly working to help Charlie Sheen. In the video, Charlie Sheen shares details about a medical examination where he mixed his HIV-positive blood with an uninfected blood sample.

“I’ve been under the care of Dr. Sam for a couple weeks now, and we’re seen some incredible results,” Charlie Sheen said in the video. Charlie went on to explain that the results would reveal whether or not his blood is still contaminated after being added to the uninfected sample.

The former Two and a Half Men star and his friend, only identified as Stephanie, explained that the examination would determine whether the clean samples would become infected when mixed with Charlie’s. After receiving the test results, Stephanie confirms the groundbreaking discovery.

“Each of these blood tests we see as absolutely non-detectable,” said Stephanie. Charlie Sheen also chimed in with his sentiments of the test results. “This is glaring evidence that we’re on to something,” he said, referring to the tests as “top-shelf, next-level s**t.”

When mixed with normal, healthy blood samples, HIV was non-detectable in Charlie Sheen’s blood. Stephanie credited Dr. Chachoua’s treatments for Charlie’s vast improvements. “Now you’re looking at healthy, normal cells, which doesn’t happen when you’re on the cocktail for sure,” she said.

“This defies any medical logic,” added Sheen. “This shouldn’t happen based on everything that I’ve been told to date.”

It has been reported that Charlie Sheen is so confident about Dr. Chachoua’s treatment, he’s reportedly refrained from taking the previous drugs prescribed to keep his virus levels at a manageable rate. “I’m thinking this might be better than that,” Charlie Sheen said, impressed with Dr. Chachoua’s cocktail. “I’m HIV-negative with blood tests. This is exciting.”

Although the incredible feat would seem like groundbreaking research for Charlie Sheen and others living with the virus, apparently, it’s actually not all of what it seems. During an interview with Dr. Oz, Charlie Sheen refuted the claims he’d made in the YouTube video. In fact, it has been revealed that the treatment Charlie Sheen underwent with Dr. Chachoua was actually “disastrous for his health,” according to CBS-8.

“The experience Charlie had with Dr. Sam Chachoua had a disastrous effect on his health, despite anything the doctor has said publicly. The good news is that Charlie has returned to good health after resuming taking his anti-retroviral drugs,” said Dr. Oz.

The last couple months of Charlie Sheen’s life have been quite turbulent. In addition to the uphill battle he’s facing due to his ailing health, he also has a number of legal issues he’s facing. For those who missed all of the drama, Charlie Sheen and his ex Denise Richards are embroiled in an intense custody battle that picked up steam when Charlie had Denise evicted from the home she’s resided in with their two daughters since their split. However, that’s not all. Charlie Sheen is also facing a staggering number of lawsuits from ex-lovers who have accused him of knowingly exposing them to HIV.

At this point, none of Charlie Sheen’s current legal battles have been resolved, but his health is reportedly stable since he’s back on the anti-retroviral drugs he’d been taking prior to the treatment he underwent with Dr. Chachoua.

[(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]