February 9, 2016
Farrah Abraham, 'Teen Mom OG' Star, & Mom Encourage 'Princess' Sophia, 7, To Flaunt Makeup & Fret About Fat

Farrah Abraham, one of the stars of Teen Mom OG, hasn't hesitated to raise her daughter, Sophia, now 7, to follow her carefully made-up example. And so when Sophia decided one day that mascara would help raise her profile in school, the little girl and Grandma Debra (now you know where Farrah got that sass from) were shocked that the principal dared to scold Abraham's offspring for her mascara move, reported Us Weekly.

"My baby decided she was gonna wear a little bit of makeup to school one day," shared Debra about Sophia's grand entrance. "So then she came home and told me, 'Grandma, there was a little situation at school on the makeup and people saying some things.' "

Showing that the mother of Farrah and grandma of Abraham doesn't hesitate when it comes to defending her relatives, Debra told the principal just what she thought about the administrator's shocking decision to apply the same rules to Sophia as to the rest of the children.

Farrah Abraham provides daughter Sophia with an example of how to wear makeup.
Farrah Abraham provides daughter Sophia with an example of how to wear makeup. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]"Excuse me, we have a different situation in our lives, and this is the way we roll," scolded Abraham's mom.

But where's Farrah? Abraham is off in the U.K. for about a month, leaving her mother to tend her daughter, reported Hollywood Life.

And although Debra is busy with her daughter, Farrah doesn't hesitate to scold her about the water bills during their FaceTime session. Abraham was looking through the invoices for bills, and questions as to just how her mother has succeeded in running up the water bills so high.

"Have you been using excessive amounts of water?" demands Farrah of her mother.

Debra denies it, explaining that the sprinkler broke. But that doesn't stop the possibly-in-need-of-anger-management-lessons Teen Mom OG star from letting loose on her mom. Abraham wants to know how the bill could climb up to $400 rather than the expected $100, ordering her mom to stay on top of that water.

As for the story of how her daughter was scolded for wearing makeup to school, when Debra relates the tale to Farrah, it appears that she's calm about that. As Abraham's mom pointed out, that's "the way we roll!"

Farrah Abraham flaunts sexy style.
Farrah Abraham flaunts sexy style. [Photo by Steven Henry/Getty Images]But life in the land of Abraham is never without endless drama, and in addition to the water bill and the Sophia/makeup excitement, the episode of Teen Mom OG offered some insights into how Farrah and her mother are raising the 7-year-old, pointed out Wetpaint.

Sophia is seen with Debra. They're choosing outfits for school, and Sophia makes it clear that she's aware of and concerned about the issue of weight.

"Don't make me look fat," the 7-year-old orders her grandmother.

As for the makeup, Debra also told Abraham that Sophia's peers were mocking her for the mascara. However, neither Farrah or her mother are worried about the possibility that the little girl might get bullied. Instead, they concur that what Sophia wants should be encouraged as the rule of the land.

"I told her she can wear makeup anytime she'd like," said Debra to Farrah, who showed her agreement with a nod.

Back home again, Farrah tells her parents that she's made a major decision. Abraham and Sophia are heading off to Los Angeles.

"I'll be closer to more job opportunities and won't have to travel so much," defended Farrah of her plan to move.

Debra thinks it's a good plan to leave Texas. (Possibly school principals in Los Angeles encourage makeup for 7-year-old girls?) And she and Abraham will be spending time together anyway, because the two have decided to team up in a new business, according to Wetpaint.

The "Mom & Me" products consist of food items such as mushrooms, pepper sauce, and wine, all with an Italian flavor. They both attended a Brooklyn food festival to hype the products, and Instagram proved a convenient platform to flaunt their food line.

In addition to Farrah and Debra, Sophia and Debra's mother are part of the new company. Abraham has the title of "Social Messenger," while Sophia reigns as the "Pepper Princess."

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]