'The Masked Singer' Unmasks The Deer: Find Out Who It Was

The Masked Singer unmasked their third celebrity on Wednesday night, and fans were thrilled to get a peek at who was underneath the deer costume.

The latest episode of the show featured contestants the lion, peacock, deer, unicorn, and monster. Ultimately the deer was voted off by the judges and studio audience, and was forced to unmask himself, revealing himself to be NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.

In his second clue package, the deer revealed that being in the bottom three during the first episode was an unknown feeling to him, revealing that being on top was a feeling he was much more familiar with.

The deer also revealed that he could sell nearly anything, hinting that he had been in many commercials in the past. Fans and judges alike believed him to be an older athlete of some sort, and Jenny McCarthy even guessed that Bradshaw was the man behind the mask, making her two for two in the past two episodes after guessing Tommy Chong as the pineapple in the second episode of the show.

Bradshaw revealed that singing inside the deer mask while wearing the elaborate costume was harder than nearly anything he's ever done, which included playing football at the highest level.

These days, Terry is a football analyst, who works for FOX's NFL Sunday, calling games and giving his expert opinion on football. Fans were stunned to see Bradshaw inside the mask, but the viewers at home were not.

The deer has been rumored to be the former NFL MVP since his first performance. The former quarterback had a bit of trouble moving around the stage, which hinted to the judges panel that he may be a retired athlete with bad knees.

Terry sang the Florida Georgia Line song "Get Your Shine On" in his famous country twang, leading fans to guess Bradshaw's identity on Twitter long before he was unmasked on the singing competition series.

Viewers of the show tweeted about the episode and Bradshaw so much that both of the terms were trending on the social media platform, in which fans have been blowing up with their thoughts and opinions about who may be under all of the masks, including theories like Donny Osmond being the peacock, Rumer Willis being the lion, and much more.

Fans can watch the other five contestants, the alien, poodle, raven, bee, and rabbit, when The Masked Singer returns for a new episode next Wednesday on FOX, and like Terry Bradshaw, one of them will be unmasked at the end of the show.