NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Interested In Bringing Nick Foles Back

NFL rumors are stating that the Philadelphia Eagles regret trading away Nick Foles and would love to get the quarterback back from the Los Angeles Rams, according to NBC Sports. Chip Kelly was said to have been enamored with Sam Bradford, so he parted ways with Foles, even though Foles showed that he could do well in the offensive system. The Eagles want Foles back now that Kelly is coaching the San Francisco 49ers.

Chip Kelly believed that Sam Bradford was the quarterback that would show the NFL that his offensive scheme, which attempts to have more offensive plays than any other team by speeding up the snap, could be just as successful on the professional level as it was on the collegiate level. The Los Angeles Rams, then based in St. Louis, were more than willing to move on from Bradford, provided that they received a replacement quarterback in return, which ended up being Nick Foles.

The Los Angeles Rams were confident enough in Nick Foles that they signed him to a two year deal worth $24.5 million, $13.8 million of which was guaranteed. Management gave him the big contract because they wanted to instill some much needed confidence in Foles.

Sam Bradford
Sam Bradford

Nick Foles lost his starting job last season, and the Los Angeles Rams are already looking at other options for the quarterback position. The Rams have the 15th overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft, and head coach Jeff Fisher will more than likely look at several of the players coming out of college. If Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch is available when Fisher is making his choice, then it would be quite the surprise if that is not the choice.

While the Philadelphia Eagles would love to get Nick Foles back, management would obviously prefer that he restructure his contract so that they can have room to acquire much-needed free agents. This is the final year of the contract, so the Eagles might be able to entice Foles into trading a high salary in exchange for long-term stability by adding a couple of years to the deal.

Since both the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams are aware of their respective situations, the odds of a high draft pick being required seems highly unlikely. This is going to be one of those trades that will likely net a sixth or seventh round draft choice.

Doug Pederson
Doug Pederson

Nick Foles isn’t one of those NFL quarterbacks that’s going to win a lot of games for the team, but he’s solid enough of a passer that the team can win a lot of games with him. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is running a team for the very first time, and fans might not necessarily know everything that he is planning on doing. However, the belief is that he is going to implement a system very similar to the one that he managed for Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Alex Smith struggled mightily during his first couple of seasons in the NFL. He didn’t become a quality starter until Jim Harbaugh was hired as the head coach and utilized Smith as a game manager. That’s when he thrived for the San Francisco 49ers. It was that success that led Andy Reid to swinging a trade to bring Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs. Alex has likely thrived with the Chiefs because Reid doesn’t ask too much from him.

The blueprint for Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles to stabilize their quarterback position lies within the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

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