‘Billion Dollar Wreck’ On History Already Under Speculation: Is This Show Fake?

Tonight is the start of the new show Billion Dollar Wreck on History. Viewers are excited for this new show, but there is already speculation and talk about if Billion Dollar Wreck is reality or just another fake show. Starcasm actually shared some big details about if Billion Dollar Wreck could be a fake show or if this one is real. This show is said to be one you will love if you loved Curse of Oak Island. This show has already been picked up for eight episodes.

Billion Dollar Wreck sounds like a great show and it will be all about Martin Bayerle and his estranged son, Grant. They will be returning to the wreck that nearly destroyed their family. On Billion Dollar Wreck, they will be going to the RMS Republic and trying recover over a billion dollars worth of treasure. The Billion Dollar Wreck is actually the second time that Martin has tried to do this and the first time didn’t turn out well.

The boat they are trying to recover treasure from is called the RMS Republic and it was sent out on the water on February 26th, 1903. When this ship sunk, there were billions of dollars of things on it because it was ton of wealthy people who were enjoying the trip. They didn’t have to carry enough life jackets for everyone, which of course is different now. When this ship wreck happened, another ocean liner was nearby. Luckily only six of the Republic’s 742 passengers and crew died in the 1909 disaster.

There are a lot of theories about what was on board the RMS Republic that is on Billion Dollar Wreck. The ship was a total loss in this wreck and there is a lot of speculation about what was actually on board in the way of cargo. The theories about what was on this ship are going wild, but if they find it all on Billion Dollar Wreck then it will be revealed.

One thing that has everyone wondering if Billion Dollar Wreck could be fake is the main man on the show. Billion Dollar Wreck fake stories are going wild because of the two-and-a-half years that Bayerle spent in prison. He was actually convicted of voluntary manslaughter for the murder of Stefano Robotti, Bayerle’s wife’s alleged lover. They were not still together at the time.

Bayerle actually did find the wine cellar of the ship years ago, so he thinks he can accomplish finding the treasure this time on Billion Dollar Wreck. He seems totally sure that it exists and is not fake at all. If this treasure was real though, you would think that a lot of people would have been looking for this Billion Dollar Wreck. The wreck really did happen years ago, but nobody seems to really know if there is a huge treasure down there waiting to be discovered.


Broadway World actually shared about Billion Dollar Wreck and what viewers can expect from this show. This ship is now sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic. The show will share that there is said to be 150,000 American Eagle gold coins down there, but there is a lot of speculation that it could be more or less.

Do you think that there really is a Billion Dollar Wreck and a treasure to be found? Do you plan to watch this new show on History? Don’t miss new episodes of Billion Dollar Wreck on Monday nights on History.

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