French Demanding British Crown Jewels As Payment For 1499 Crime

Angers, France – A petition by the French city of Angers, located in the Loire Valley west of Paris, is demanding that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth turn over the British Crown Jewels as compensation for what it is calling a “state crime” that took place 513 years ago and ended the reign of the Plantagenet bloodline.

Angers was once the capital of the Anjou province and home to the House of the Plantagenets, a royal bloodline that produced such famous monarchs as Richard the Lionheart and Henry V.

What is the “state crime” city officials are stating happened that would warrant the Queen of England’s Crown Jewels? The beheading of Edward Plantaganet, Earl of Warwick, on November 28, 1499, reports The Globe and Mail.

Edward Plantagenet was the nephew of King Richard III and his cousin, Edward of Middleham, was the royal heir. After his father was executed for treason and his cousin died of natural causes, the Earl of Warwick became the last legitimate male of the line, naming him heir to the throne at 10 years old. That designation was revoked upon the death of his aunt, Queen Anne.

Tudor Henry VII took the throne after slaying King Richard at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 and imprisoned the Earl of Warwick in the Tower of London. In 1499, in an attempt to rid himself of any rivals for the throne, Henry VII had the last Plantagenet beheaded, thus ending the royal bloodline.

Tower of London home to the crown jewels

The petition by city officials, signed by hundreds of Angevins and sympathizers from around the world, believes it is entitled to compensation and asks for the Crown Jewels:

Today, the legacy of Plantagenet must return to his heirs and the Crown Jewels of England should be transferred to the Angevins….

As compensation for the dispossession of the rights of the Angevin dynasty and the political assassination of its last direct descendant, the signatories of this petition demand that the United Kingdom defer to the Angevins, moral heirs of the Plantagenets, the entirety of the Crown Jewels of England… The Jewels, after their release, shall be deposited in the Saint-Aubin in Angers to be seen and kept by the population.”

Angers, France is demanding Britain's Crown Jewels

The petition will be sent to Queen Elizabeth in September, though a spokesman for the council admits the petition had “little chance of success” but wanted to highlight the “crime” against the Angevin monarch.

A display of the British Crown Jewels