Kristen Stewart Opens Her Eyes In New Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Footage (Snippet Video)

It’s only 28 seconds long, but it’s 28 seconds that – so far – only the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 audience at last Thursday’s Comic-Con throwdown in San Diego have seen. So feast your eyes.

The opening scene of The Twilight Saga’s final installment picks up exactly where it left off. For those that don’t know, in Part 1 the ‘human’ Bella Cullen (Kristen Stewart) dies after traumatically giving birth to daughter Renesmee.

Hoping for a miracle, her grief-stricken husband Edward (Robert Pattinson) pumps his young wife with enough vampire venom to power a new-born army – and because of this – Bella transforms into a vampire.

Make that a gorgeous, red-eyed, strong, sexy vamp and you’ll get an idea of what Bella has become. The last shot of BD1 was Bella opening those blood red eyes.

Now, in the new snippet, the footage doesn’t focus that much on shots of Bella – rather we see what she sees.

Super, augmented vision means Bella literally sees a brand new world. Vibrant colors and minute details come alive as the camera pans around her surroundings.

The speed at which she ‘sees’ is super-fast too – well, she is a vampire now right?

And, of course, there’s a lingering shot of Edward holding out his hand to his beloved wife, plus a close up of that stonking wedding ring.

Set to haunting music, the unofficial (hand-held filmed) sneak peek is brief. But odds are it will leave fans eager for the official footage when Lionsgate-Summit Entertainment release it online.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits theaters on November 16 and is directed by DreamGirls, Gods and Monsters, Chicago director – Bill Condon.


Fierce Bella in Breaking Dawn - Part 2