Tell your missus, daily ejaculation now recommended!

While copious amounts of the hippity dippty seem like a given if you want to make a baby, it seems that daily ejaculation for “at least a week” prior to conception is ideal to boost fertility.

Up until recently, it was believed that resisting the urge to ejaculate was possibly a good method of getting a semen retention headacheincreasing the amount of laundry you have to sneak into the hamper when your girlfriend isn’t looking improving sperm quality. But a bunch of Australian medical experts have found evidence that you’re not getting enough BJs. In their own words:

He studied 118 men with above-average sperm DNA damage and found the quality of their sperm increased significantly after they were told to ejaculate daily for seven days.

On average, their DNA fragmentation index — a measure of sperm damage — fell to 26 percent from 34 percent, Greening told the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Frequent sex does decrease semen volume but for most men this is not a problem.

Researchers believe that frequent sex or fapping reduces the amount of time sperm are exposed to damaging elements in testicular ducts. Yay for daily health routines!