Michael Lohan Gets Kate Major Pregnant In Spite Of Restraining Order

Dusten Carlson

The Lohan clan is expecting, but thankfully it's not Lindsay who is pregnant. Instead, LiLo's father Michael Lohan and Kate Major are expecting the new addition, despite the fact that the child was conceived while Major had a restraining order against MiLo.

TMZ reports that Kate Major is currently in her first trimester with MiLo's latest little one. The juiciest part of this gossip? Kate Major had a restraining order against Michael, and though it was lifted a few weeks ago, Kate's pregnant progress shows that the child's conception was in complete violation of the law. A representative for the couple confirmed the pregnancy, though didn't go into any further detail. Lindsay herself hasn't been made aware by her father, so the news of her newest sibling will likely find its way to her courtesy of celebrity gossip media. You're welcome.

Michael Lohan and Kate Major were on the outs before Major filed the restraining order, which alleged abuse among other things, reports the Mirror. Strange allegations included Michael showing up at Kate's hair salon, banging on the windows menacingly, as recently as April. Michael said at the time that Kate was actually trying to have his baby, and had been taking ovulation tests while he was in the hospital with kidney stones.

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So... who knows? They managed to "make up" somehow between one and three months ago. In any case, neither Michael Lohan, Kate Major, nor Lindsay Lohan's Twitter feeds say anything about the pregnancy, despite the fact that various celebrity news outlets are already hard at work hashtagging. I expect the eventual conversation to go something like this: Lindsay - @michaeljlohan "WTF?!", Michael - @lindsaylohan "SORRY LOL".

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