WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Telling Huge Star To Purposely Mess Up In The Ring

WWE, or any wrestling promotion for that matter, never wants their wrestlers and superstars to do anything but their best in the ring. Many times, they actually want them to give even more and be better than all they have to offer. Well, rumor has it that Vince McMahon is actually telling one star to purposely mess up. Apparently, he wants Braun Strowman to intentionally look bad in the ring so he can look even more dominant later on.

Anyone and everyone who has watched WWE for years knows that Vince McMahon has a "look" that he prefers for the top guys. It used to be the wrestler with the big physique, a lot of height, and the longer hair.

As time went on, the long hair wasn't necessarily a requirement, but McMahon always wanted the bigger guys as his top champions. Looking at Braun Strowman, he's exactly the type of guy that McMahon always wanted, and has actually taken the huge star on as his personal "project."

wwe rumors braun strowman vince mcmahon
[Image via WWE]According to PWInsider, Vince McMahon has actually instructed Strowman to not show everything he has in the ring just yet. He wants the big member of The Wyatt Family to hold off his all his power moves and skills until he's on a much bigger stage.

Taking things even further, it's being reported that McMahon is telling Strowman every single thing to do when he's in the ring for a match or even at ringside. Strowman picking up his opponents, stumbling around, taking bumps, and even sometimes looking a bit weak are all direct orders from Vince McMahon himself.

So far, Strowman hasn't done much more than perform in a few tag matches and never really faced off with a true competitor. Rumors have connected him to two possible WrestleMania 32 matches so far -- Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker.

Well, even if McMahon does have plans for the big Wyatt family member, one of those plans may have been scratched already.

the undertaker braun strowman wrestlemania 32 vince mcmahon
[Image via WWE]Wrestling Inc. is reporting that there has been so much recent backlash regarding a possible Strowman vs. Undertaker match that WWE is ready to get rid of the idea for now. It appears as if the bad feelings the fans have for the match has become known within the company, and for now, that match is not on for WrestleMania 32.

As there are still around two months left until the event, anything is possible and it could be put back on the card.

Even if that match doesn't happen at the big pay-per-view in early April, it's likely to take place at some point or another. Vince McMahon is so very high on Braun Strowman and wants him facing off with The Undertaker at some time, and has even suggested a SummerSlam match between Strowman and Lesnar.

undertaker braun strowman el gigante
[Image via WWE]The Undertaker was often put up against such giants as El Gigante and The Great Khali to give them some credibility. Most times though, "The Deadman" ended up destroying them and, well, you can see who has had the staying power in WWE.

It seems different with Strowman, though. Vince McMahon's attention to the big man is something that isn't going to just go away, and it looks like WWE will give him a pretty decent-sized push at one point or another.

Word has it that Strowman will face off against either Ryback or Big Show at Fastlane to give him his first big singles match in WWE. A big and impressive victory over one of those two superstars would give Strowman a lot of credibility and make him more believable against Lesnar or Undertaker.

Vince McMahon has his new personal "project" in Braun Strowman, and he is determined to have him make a huge splash in WWE. He may look like a bumbling and stumbling big man who is green in the ring right now, but it seems those are by strict orders, and something much bigger is in store for the biggest member of The Wyatt Family.

[Image via WWE]