Duggars Film '19 Kids' Reboot Starring 'Cinderella' Jana As Amy Duggar Seeks Solo Fame After Josh Duggar Scandal

The Duggar family of 19 Kids And Counting TV fame went off the air after the oldest son, Josh Duggar, was reported to have molested several underage girls, some of whom were his sisters, as a teen. Josh subsequently was involved in other scandals, and he confessed to cheating on his wife Anna and an addiction to porn. But now, after the success of several specials starring two of the sisters he molested, the Duggars reportedly are ready to return to TV for a 19 Kids reboot.

Will Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have roles in the
Will Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have roles in the "19 Kids And Counting" reboot? [Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]Although Josh has gotten most of the attention among the many members of the Duggar family, it's Jana Duggar who is rumored to be the star of the new show, according to the Hollywood Gossip. Known by some fans as "Cinderella," the single sister of Josh will be discussing what it's like not being married in the male-centric Duggar clan, an insider told Hollywood Gossip.

"The premiere of the upcoming season will show [Jana] opening up about her sentiments on being single," said the source.

Currently living at home and given tasks such as taking care of the younger children, Jana still has her eyes on the prize of getting married and having children.

"Her younger sisters are already married and have families of their own, which causes her to compare herself to them," added the source.

However, although Jana will star, other members of the Duggar family will also appear in the reboot. That's because the network has conducted research before the 19 Kids spin-off starts, and determined that the best approach for ratings is to feature what life is like for Jana in her role as young and single in a fundamentalist family. It's also thought that while she and some of her relatives will be given major roles, Josh will play a minor role, if any.

But despite the reported plans for Jana to have a starring role in the Duggars' new show, she wants to go to college, according to Fashion & Style.

Jana's popularity among fans was sparked when she was included in Jill & Jessa: Counting On, a 19 Kids spin-off that recently aired on TLC. Although "Cinderella" Duggar has been relegated to the background while Jill and Jessa were involved in their courtships, engagements, and married lives, fans became fond of the Duggar's eldest daughter. With her responsibilities for taking some of the burden off Michelle Duggar, the family matriarch, life hasn't been easy for Cinderella.

The tradition for Duggar daughters is to live at home and obey their parents until they are married. But Jana longs to head off to college and interact with her peers following her Duggarville life centered on homeschooling and taking care of everyone else.

In addition to Jana and her brothers and sisters, the Duggars' new show reportedly will also include Anna, who is living in Duggarville with the children that she and Josh share.

During the filming of the 19 Kids reboot, Jana even got stuck with playing Cinderella during her birthday week, reported Radar Online.

Jana and Josh David Duggar took some of the younger members of the family to a lumbar yard prior to turning 26. The sequence was filmed as the group bought wood to make a tree house, and Jim Logsdon, who manages Ridout Lumber in Fayetteville, Arkansas, close to the Duggars' house, shared all the details.

"The production company from Nashville called me last week, It was the day before they wanted to come in and film. Then the normal camera guy for the family called me and then John David did," he revealed.

Although Jana, John David, and some of the younger children were being filmed by the camera crew, their parents were not present.

The Duggars are filming a reboot of
The Duggars are filming a reboot of "19 Kids." [Photo by FOX News Channel/Getty Images]And one member of the extended Duggar family definitely wasn't there, because Amy Duggar, known as the "rebel" cousin, has decided she wants a solo showbiz career to separate herself from the Duggars after the sex scandals generated by Josh, according to Ace Showbiz.

To achieve that goal, Amy has her own agent to give her a new reputation. Amy had previously slammed Josh in a blog.

"Rage came over me, sadness crept in, and reality sat in that the person I had known my entire life turned out to be a fraud, and a complete stranger."
To distance herself from Josh, Amy has chosen CEG Talent to handle opportunities such as public appearances and advertising.

"That show had such a huge fan base, and a very loyal fan base, especially in Middle America," pointed out CEG's CEO Michael Schweiger. "(Theirs is a) a big family, it's a loving family; America fell in love with that. But one small thing, the network, TLC, dropping the show and all the negative press that came with it, it wasn't fair to lay that press on everybody else in the family."

Can Amy succeed in re-branding herself and achieving fame and fortune? What do you think? Post your comments below.

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