‘Suicide Squad’s’ Deathstroke Could Have Plans For Future DC Movie Role [Rumors]

Future DC movies are without rumors and some buzz involving the Suicide Squad movie character, Deathstroke, are revealing plans for this villain in the DC Cinematic Universe, according to Heroic Hollywood. Apparently, the TV show and the big screen have been keeping the comic book characters split in general. This can be seen plainly, as the lack of Superman and Batman appearances on the CW, but references are made to Kal-El on the CBS series of Supergirl.

For instance, in the Suicide Squad’s DC movie, Deadshot is being played by Will Smith, whereas the CW’s Arrow’s Task Force X character was played by Michael Rowe. Rowe’s character has been removed from TV. So, would this justify using the character in the movie?

Now, the Suicide Squad character that was all too familiar to Arrow fans as Slade Wilson, played by Manu Bennett during his Season 2 story arc, is now rumored to have a future role in the DC Cinematic Universe. This rumor emerged ever since his cameo appearance came and went on Arrow’s season three. To clarify, it is not known if the rumor involves Bennett, just the role.

Fans took to Tumblr to question Deathstroke’s standing via the page of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Flash creator Marc Guggenheim. It appears that there was some displeasure in the justification in killing off characters for the sake of the movie, according to Heroic Hollywood.

Though the Suicide Squad fan question did address how “Deadshot was off-limits, and Amanda Waller and Deathstroke are safe.” It seems viewers figured out through process of elimination a theory that if Waller was killed off, the same could go for Deathstroke as well, if he should appear in the DC movie.

“Once Deathstroke arrives in the DC movie, will he be also killed off too? This is really frustrating, that all awesome characters are being written off, because of the Suicide Squad movie, and is a slap to the face of Arrow fans.”

Guggenheim stated the following.

“Um … I never said that.”

Then a fan further cemented the outcome as best he or she could by asking about the future of Slade Wilson and Walter for Arrow’s season four. Guggenheim stated as follows.

“The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project. Walter is more likely.”

A year ago, a Suicide Squad focus group at Warner Brothers provided some details regarding Deathstroke’s involvement in the movie. Back then, it was rumored as well and was reported by a Redditor, oldcomicbookfan.

The focus group took a quiz testing their knowledge of these characters and talked about how Deathstroke was Amanda Waller’s bodyguard. The focus group was also showed some concept art and oldcomicbookfan cited that the villain had a “realistic but tech-geared look.” This sounds rather similar to the one on the CW.

Though the Suicide Squad movie didn’t shoot until some time after that, so who knows how accurate they are now. Deathstroke was also likened to that of the Joker, insomuch as having his own agenda for taking on the A.R.G.U.S. bodyguard role.

Arrow’s Stephen Amell mentioned how the show is “missing something” without Slade’s presence, according to Screen Rant. There was something about the lack of realism in the series ever since Deathstroke left, and now there is more of a less dramatic flair to it. This was thought to may be intentional.

The DC movies separation from TV was mentioned in Cinema Blend five months ago in a discussion with DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson. She mentioned that by keeping them split, it wouldn’t “handcuff creators into trying to work with the same storyline.” The purpose was said to mention to “take advantage of the multiverse” that’s well-known in DC Comics lore.

Suicide Squad is slated for theaters come August 5, and stars Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Will Smith, Cara Delevingne, and a host of others. It’s directed by David Ayer.

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