Taylor Swift To Open Grammy Awards With Mystery Song

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the Grammy Awards, having picked up numerous awards herself as well as performing on stage several times. In breaking news, it has been confirmed by Daily Mail that Taylor Swift will be performing once again at the 58th annual Grammy Awards, to be held on February 15, 2015. Taylor Swift last performed at the Grammy Awards two years ago, performing "All Too Well" from her smash hit album, Red.

The Recording Industry Association of America made the official announcement hours ago via the Grammys Twitter account.

USA Today had more facts to add, noting that Taylor Swift will not only be performing at the Grammy Awards, but will be opening the show. She will be performing a song from her album 1989 (which, incidentally, is up for the Album of the Year award), and while it is not yet known which song Taylor Swift will be performing, USA Today did note that it is not a song that has been nominated for a separate award.

Not only will Taylor Swift be performing at this year's Grammy Awards, she is also nominated for seven awards, including Best Pop Vocal Album as well as the big one: Album of the Year. Arguably her most popular song from 2015, "Blank Space," has itself been nominated for two awards: Song of the Year and Record of the Year, according to Daily Mail.

Justin Bieber also joins the list of world-class performers to grace the stage at this year's Grammy Awards. This year, he will be teaming up with Skrillex and Diplo to perform "Where Are Ü Now." It has also been revealed that Rihanna will perform, as well as Robin Thicke and Pitbull. In particular, Lady Gaga has been chosen to perform a special David Bowie tribute.

Music fans will also be on the edge of their seats waiting for Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Depp from the Hollywood Vampires to perform on the same evening as Taylor Swift.

So, Taylor Swift fans now know what the world-class performer will be doing on February 15, and they also know what she was doing yesterday: watching the Super Bowl, of course. Taylor Swift live tweeted during the Super Bowl, and seems to have been particularly impressed with the entire halftime performance.

Leading up to all the excitement, on Friday, February 5, Taylor Swift spent a lazy girls' day out with BFF contender and Taylor Swift squad member Gigi Hadid in Los Angeles. DMZ reports that the pair went to a nail salon together in Beverly Hills for manicures.A pampering session is probably just want Taylor Swift needed, with reports from International business Times that Taylor Swift endured a security breach at her home in Bel Air, when a man was spotted Walking around outside her home in the driveway area. It is reported that the man began calling out for Taylor Swift, apparently asking her to come outside, but ultimately the incident came to a halt when neighbors phoned the police, who attended and subsequently arrested the man.

While this incident would have been scary for anyone, Hollywood Life reports that the scary event may have a definite upside for Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift's 32-year-old boyfriend, Calvin Harris, reportedly became so concerned after hearing about the security breach that he asked Taylor Swift to move in with him, promising to ramp up her security detail.

"Calvin was very concerned to learn that Taylor could've come to harm. He told her the simple solution would be to move in with him, so he can protect her and she won't be in any danger."
Whether Taylor Swift will take Calvin Harris up on his offer remains to be seen, but at the very least it is comforting to know that Taylor's neighbors are looking out for her and will call the police at the first sign of anything untoward.

[Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]