Mitt Romney Mocks President Obama’s Singing

Election 2012 is heading towards the ridiculous as the Presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and President Obama have begun to mock each other for their signing ability. Both campaigns keep highlighting there economic visions and pointing out that they are the soul arbiter of what is right for the middle class, but they usually do it by pointing out that every time either candidate sneezes it is detracting their focus from protecting the Middle Class.

Two days ago President Obama slammed Romney in a television ad which mocked him signing America the Beautiful. Now Romney is hitting back with a webvideo making fun of Obama singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

Romney has had a bad PR week. The Obama Campaign has capitalized on the recently revealed news that Romney didn’t actually leave Bain Capital in 1999 when he said he did, staying on the Board until 2002. Romney claims he had nothing to do with the company at that time because he was busy planning the Olympics. Obama has challenged him to release Board Meeting Minutes to prove he is telling the truth.

The The Obama campaign and Democrats in general have slammed Romney for only releasing his 2010 tax returns instead of many years past as President Obama and Romney‘s own father did when he ran for President. Even some Republicans have joined the chorus of those calling for him to be more honest about is taxes and any tax shelters he stores his wealth in.

Watch the video the Romney Campaign released to mock the President!