Jason Kidd Mugshot Released

Jason Kidd started his new career in New York in just about the worst way possible. The veteran point guard, who was brought to the Knicks to be a kind-of mentor to the young Jeremy Lin, was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence.

The Inquistir reported earlier that Kidd was arrested early Sunday morning after crashing his SUV into a telephone pole. Kidd was the only person in the vehicle.

The police report says that Kidd was not seriously injured in the crash. He was, however, innebriated.

The police report reads: “Defendant did not know what had happened in accident.”

The NY Daily News reports that Kidd refused a breathalyzer test, as well as a chemical test at the hospital, and has plead not guilty to DUI charges.

Kidd’s lawyer, Ed Burke Jr., said:

“Jason has pleaded not guilty to a DWI charge and awaits further court proceedings.”

But various reports from the NBA player’s wild night paint a pretty drunken picture. Kidd allegedly left the bar, propped up by friends, after trying to swing from a light fixture. The NY Daily News reports that Kidd also hit a couple of trees before crashing into the telephone pole. And the icing on the cake? Kidd’s actions left several people without cable, including his new boss Cablevision and Knicks honcho James Dolan.

Since Kidd’s arrest, two alarming photos have surfaced. One shows the all-star point guard partying at a club. The other, Jason Kidd’s new mugshot.

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