Doritos Superbowl Ultrasound Ad Is Freaking People Out [Video]

Doritos is a brand well known for making memorable Superbowl ads, and Superbowl 50’s ultrasound spot didn’t let viewers down. This year’s Doritos “Crash The Superbowl” ad contest winner is a commercial about an ultrasound and an impatient, Doritos-craving fetus that can’t wait to be born.

The ad opens on a woman getting an ultrasound with “a couple more weeks” of pregnancy left to go. Her husband marks the sentimental occasion of getting a sneak peak of his soon-to-be baby by chowing down, noisily, on a bag of Doritos. Not surprisingly, mom is less than amused. She gets even more annoyed when dad realizes that the fetus on the ultrasound monitor seems to be responding to his Doritos and so begins to taunt his captivated audience of one wee fetus.

It’s at this point in the Doritos Superbowl ad that mom loses her cool and tosses the bag of Doritos across the exam room, leading her pregnancy to come to an abrupt end as the fetus hastily escapes her womb in an attempt to snag the chips.

Check it out.

The Doritos ad definitely achieved its desired intent, that is if the company was going for shock value. Superbowl 50 watchers immediately took to Twitter, Buzzfeed reports. The responses were varied, ranging from amusement to disgust and everything in between as people shared their thoughts about the Doritos Superbowl ad on social media.

The Huffington Post reports that the new Doritos ad has them rethinking “ever eating Doritos again,” and some Twitter users seem to agree with their wary new assessment of Doritos. There are certain thoughts that can’t be un-thought, certain images that can never be unseen. If you have a vivid imagination, the sight of the fetus on the ultrasound screen attempting to make a break for it (not to mention the implied imagery of it actually escaping) could be a Doritos deal-breaker.

Some people had quite a bit of appreciation for the world’s shortest labor, though. The Doritos Superbowl ad might even start a trend of Doritos snacking in the delivery room, if not ultrasound appointments.

To be fair, the Doritos ad did feature an awful lot of screaming and yelling from all of the adults involved. Despite being a virtually instant birth, it didn’t seem to be painless.

Doritos Nurse
[Photo by @mashableAU/Twitter]

Although the Doritos Superbowl ad sparked a lot of tongue-in-cheek and satirical tweets, it also managed to spawn a super-serious online discussion/debate about birth control and even abortion rights among its engaged, social media savvy viewers. AD Week reports that the 30-second ad got people talking about abortion, and people on both sides of the highly polarized issue found reasons to take offense to the Doritos Superbowl ad.

The pro-life community was reportedly offended by the ad because it seemed like an “abortion commercial,” with some people tweeting that “Doritos cause abortions.” This despite the fact that there is no indication that anything harmful happened to the fictional fetus in question in its quest for birth and ultimately Doritos.

Controversial Doritos Ultrasound
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NARAL, a national pro-choice and women’s rights organization disliked the ad for the opposite reason. That group’s complaint was reportedly that the cheeky ad as”anti-choice” because it “humaniz[ed a] fetus.” The fetus in question is never depicted in any way other than a clearly animated ultrasound.

In all, there were over 150,000 tweets related to Doritos during the first quarter of the Superbowl alone, meaning that the tortilla chip giant definitely got its Superbowl ad money’s worth for its controversial ad. In all likelihood, the ad will continue to trend on social media, and the conversation (and free buzz) will continue as the ad is replayed for days and weeks to come.

What do you think? Was the Doritos Superbowl ultrasound ad entertaining, shocking, or funny, or did it cross the line?

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