Lindsay Lohan Gets Two Judges In Trouble

Lindsay Lohan got a little payback this week when two of the judges who had previously babysat the trouble prone actresses were slapped on the wrists by the California Commission on Judicial Performance.

Both veterans of the legal world the justices were found to have overstepped their bounds in very different ways.

The first was judge Marsha Revel. According to the California Commission Revel had cross the line when in 2010 she invited Robert Shapiro into her chambers without also inviting the prosecution to join in closed-door discussions. The former OJ Simpson lawyer at the time was attempting to represent Lindsay Lohan but eventually based out of his representation. Under California law Shapiro should never have been given a private meeting with the judge.

The other offense came from Elden Fox. You may recall that it was Mr. Fox who denied Lindsay Lohan bail in a 2010 hearing after Lohan violated her probation. Typically denying bail only happens when a person is wanted or already convicted of murder or rape.

In Fox’s case the order was overturned the same day by another judge and Lohan was freed on his own recognizance.

Neither of the judges will lose their jobs over the issue, in fact the panels discussion essentially came down to a slap on the wrist. In any case this is yet another example of how Lindsay Lohan has become nothing more than a nuisance in a town full of them.

The complaints against the judges were raised by former Los Angeles County court spokesman Allan Parachini who wrote in a letter to the commission that he witnessed impropriety by both judge which he says was “due, in part, to the reality that many judges get caught up in celebrity litigation and part company with their experience and common sense.”

Most experts responding to the commissions decision tend to agree that Lohan’s representation was not harmed because of both judges’ decisions.