'Dance Moms' Season 6 Spoilers: Kendall Vertes Replaced By Brynn Rumfallo As 'New' Maddie?

Abby Lee Miller is finally returning to Dance Moms after missing two competitions in Season 6. In Episode 6, titled "Abby's Favorites," the ALDC coach is seen focusing all her attention towards the mini dancers and Brynn Rumfallo.

According to the official synopsis for Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 6, Abby will be making her return to the ALDC after her meltdown last week. She will personally teach the students their routine for the Devotion 2 Dance (Sheer Talent) competition.

It seems, however, that Abby Lee Miller is focusing more on the mini-ALDC's routine, neglecting the elites. This reportedly frustrated the moms and lead them to question Miller's intentions.

"Abby's back, but she's only focusing on the minis and a new mini auditions for the team."
To make matters worse, Dance Moms Season 6 spoilers revealed that Abby chose Brynn Rumfallo to lead the junior team's only routine. In Episode 3, "Mini Dancers, Big Drama," the moms accused Brynn of stealing Kendall Vertes' thunder.
During the rehearsal, Brynn Rumfallo made the "mistake" of dancing too close to Kendall. Jill Vertes, Kendall's mom, claimed that Brynn was making a "mockery" of her daughter, pointing out that it was her solo, after all.

Ashlee Rumfallo immediately came to her daughter's defense. She argued that Abby would have asked Brynn to move if she was blocking Kendall.

"If there was a problem they would tell her, don't you think? I think so," she said.

Abby Lee Miller also pointed out that Kendall could have spoken up if she thought that Brynn is standing in her way. The video then showed a teary-eyed Kendall, seemingly confused with what was going on. Miller defending Brynn only made Jill even more furious.

"Are you kidding me? You didn't even train that kid. You never taught her a g*****n thing."
Jill Vertes shared that she could not believe that Ashlee Rumfallo thinks that her daughter Brynn is going to be the next Maddie.
"Kendall K has been groomed to be the next star. There's a pecking order here at the ALDC and sister, you're in the bottom. I'm not going to sit here and let you take away everything that we have worked for. Not today, Satan."
Meanwhile, in a sneak peek video, the moms started to confront the ALDC coach, pointing out that she does not seem to be that invested in the girls' routine like she used to. With her ongoing bankruptcy fraud charges and her favorite student, Maddie Ziegler, reportedly leaving the show, many started to wonder if Abby Lee Miller is slowly losing the drive to continue with the reality series. Some wondered if it would be best for the ALDC coach to leave Dance Moms for a while to concentrate on her legal battle.


In spite of all the Dance Moms drama, ALDC's group dance, "Better Off Now," placed first in both teen division and overall. According to Design & Trend, the dance was performed by Nia Frazier, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Brynn Rumfallo, Mackenzie Ziegler, and JoJo Siwa.

Abby Lee Miller's mini ALDC dancers also took home the first place in the Small Wonders category, and placed second overall for their "Caveman Undercover" routine.

Meanwhile, Alysa Owen and Areana Lopez placed 2nd and 1st, respectively, for their solo routines. Owen performed "Fever Rising," while Lopez danced to "This is Wonderland."

The spoiler site revealed that Kendyl Fay was supposed to perform the solo for "This is Wonderland," but Areana somehow ended up performing the routine. It was also pointed out that ALDC groups were the only two groups who entered the Devotion 2 Dance (Sheer Talent) competition.

Dance Moms Season 6 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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