iPhone 5SE: What You Need To Know About 2016 Release

Reports from across the tech industry indicate what has long been suspected; Apple is releasing the iPhone 5SE later this year.

While there are still a lot of unknowns about the device, let’s go through what is known and what you need to know about the expected release of the latest iPhone model later this year.

Release Date

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the release date for the iPhone 5SE is expected to be in the Spring of this year, with March or April looking to be the most likely months.

iPhone 5SE: What You Need To Know About 2016 Release

“The current 5s will likely be discontinued, per sources, and the ‘5se’ will take its price point. The new device is currently in production overseas and is planned for a March introduction ahead of a late March or early April release,” the site reported.

According to The Verge, the iPhone 5S began being offered at the $99 price point in late 2014, with the iPhone 5C at 8GB starting at the free price point for many cell phone service providers.


The internals and externals of the new iPhone 5SE will be more like the iPhone 6 models and less like the iPhone 5 models they will replace.

According to Mac Rumors, the processing chip will be better and the device will more closely resemble the physical appearance of the iPhone 6, even if it is quite a bit smaller than the iPhone 6 models.

“The iPhone 5se is rumored to be the name of Apple’s upcoming 4-inch iPhone. It is said to look similar to an iPhone 5s, but with curved cover glass and some upgraded internal specs, including an A9 processor and support for Apple Pay.”

Mac Rumors goes on to note that the 128 GB option available on many of the traditional iPhone models will disappear with the iPhone 5SE, making the device more closely resemble the internals of an iPhone 5C instead of the iPhone 6 or even iPhone 5S it replaces.

iPhone 5SE: What You Need To Know About 2016 Release

“Internally, the iPhone 5se is likely to have the same A9 processor used in the iPhone 6s, but it may be limited to 1GB RAM and it may only come in 16 and 64GB capacities, with no 128GB option,” the site reports.

Interesting Colors

Mac Rumors also reports that the colors available for iPhone 5SE will be more in line with traditional iPhone models, like silver and “space gray,” but with one exception. The site said Apple will also introduce a new iPhone 5SE color: “bright pink.”

Mac Rumors has a photo of the reported bright pink iPhone 5SE that it obtained from a Chinese-language site, which shows an iPhone 5SE that appears to be more in line with Samsung and other Android-based mobile devices than the iPhone family it will be a part of.

Even though Mac Rumors claims to have the photo of the newest bright pink iPhone 5SE, 9 to 5 Mac claims their sources are only confirming a “rose pink” device that more closely resembles current iPhone 6 offerings.

The iPhone 5SE, Mac Rumors reports, will be introduced along with new iPad and Apple Watch models.

“The upcoming iPad Air 3 will come in around the size of the iPad Air 2, lack 3D Touch, and include a Smart Connector for a new line of iPad Air-optimized accessories, according to sources. Leaked design schematics have indicated that the device could also include a rear-facing LED flash for improved photography. This spring’s Apple Watch updates will include a Space Black Watch with a Milanese Loop, new Sport Band colors, and line of NATO-style nylon straps.”

The announcements, Mac Rumors said, are expect at an event on Tuesday, March 15.

Are you excited about the latest iPhone 5SE, iPad, and Apple Watch models? Will you rush out on the first day to get one or will you wait until the hype dies down? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]