Xbox Two: Could The Console Go Virtual Reality With Its Latest Model?

Xbox Two could go virtual reality in its next iteration, according to reports.

Value Walk, an investor website, looks at what Microsoft is doing with its latest version of the Xbox console to increase shareholder value and drive revenue for the tech company.

According to the site, the company is seriously considering focusing its next Xbox device on the growing virtual reality market.

“Firstly, it can deliver the sort of next generation experience that the Xbox One has generally failed to achieve. Secondly, virtual reality can play a significant part in ensuring that the Xbox Two is afforded a positive reception from the public, and viewed as genuinely innovative when it emerges.

“Already it is thought that 2016 could be the most successful year that the Xbox One has experienced thus far, with a host of exclusive titles lined up for the console. Quantum Break and Cuphead are among the titles expected to give Microsoft’s machine a welcome boost this year, and it is this sort of unique software that is essential in selling a console to a wide variety of consumers.”

Xbox Two: Could The Console Go Virtual Reality With Its Latest Model?
Customers purchase Xbox consoles at a Microsoft store in New York. (Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images)

Xbox Two could be the first device sold to the general public that primarily focuses on virtual reality, which Value Walk reports could drive demand and move product off the shelves. By moving product off the shelves, revenue comes in and investors should be more satisfied with the performance of Microsoft stock.

Even though Microsoft is looking to increase revenues on a new device, it has to continue pushing sales of devices and accessories already on the market. To do this, Thurrott is reporting that the “BMW of controllers” is available for current Xbox One consoles, selling for $150 at Microsoft stores in malls across the United States.

While the controller is pricey, the question remains whether it is worth the price and also whether a similar controller will be available for Xbox Two since it is reported to focus on the virtual reality market instead of traditional gaming.

Thurrott did not report whether the newer consoles will be able to support the advanced controllers for Xbox One. It’s also unknown if Xbox Two will even have its own controller or instead use hand movements or other control functions, but it sounds like the advancements in the “BMW of controllers” is trying to take gamers closer to the next-gen experience.

“You can, among other things, store two primary game configurations, each with custom button mappings and settings,” Thurrott reports. “And you can control vibration, stick and trigger behavior, doing such things as minimize the ‘throw’ on the triggers, ideal for shooters. I love that.”

The new Xbox One Elite controller is just the latest update for Microsoft’s gamers who may be anxiously awaiting the Xbox Two virtual reality console. During the wait, Microsoft has released an update to Xbox One, which allows backwards capabilities. N4BB said the update was a longtime coming.

“A glimpse of the new Xbox One update has been revealed. The update, which is currently being tested, is going to add a bunch of new features to the Xbox One. It is also the first major update for the system in a few months,” reported N4BB‘s Thomas Short. “Microsoft’s Larry Hryb tweeted a video of the new update. One of the main features that will be included is the ability to set your own pins on the home screen. The feature is shown off in the video, and it looks great.”

With the effort Microsoft is putting into keeping Xbox One users happy, it seems to indicate a virtual reality-based Xbox Two could still be a long time coming. What do you think? Would you buy an Xbox One or wait for the virtual reality-based Xbox Two? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Xbox]