WWE News: Update On Finn Balor's Injury, How He Got Hurt And The Time He Could Miss

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has been a huge part of the NXT brand since his debut in 2014. Many assumed that he would be, considering he was a major star in NJPW. He was seen as the company's top star a lot of the time, especially when you talk to fans outside of Japan. However, athletes like Okada and Nakamura clearly had the Japanese fans wrapped around their finger. Balor, known as Prince Devitt then, was a top heel that everyone seemed to love.

This was unique for Japan, which was not used to seeing weapons used in the ring or interference. Balor was a very over heel there and fans took great notice of it. WWE did as well, which is why they tried to bring him in on numerous occasions. They finally succeeded in 2014, which became a huge time for WWE when it came to talent. They were able to sign Hideo Itami and Kevin Owens in 2014, as well, which began to give them one of the best-looking rosters ever.

This only helped Finn Balor, as he was able to work with top talent and move up in WWE. He became in NXT Champion in the summer of 2015 and has yet to look back. Sadly, an injury may force him to drop his championship. If he did end up having to drop his title, he would be the third champion in WWE in the span of the year that had to drop his title without actually losing it in a match.

Balor finisher
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The injury being referred to happened at an NXT event in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday night when Finn Balor took on Samoa Joe in the main event. He was seen limping after he got up from pinning Joe but then was able to walk okay when talking to fans after. However, after the show concluded he was seen backstage walking on crutches and barely able to move on his own.

WWE.com then confirmed that Balor suffered a sprained ankle and that he would be fully evaluated on Monday. While this is the second time a person has gotten hurt while in the ring with Samoa Joe, he was not at fault whatsoever for the injury to Finn Balor. It seems Balor hurt himself while hitting the Coup de Grace on Joe. It was said that Balor's ankle went out right as he landed, so he obviously hit the move very awkwardly.

A sprained ankle is far better than a break for Balor. It really all depends on healing power as well as the severity of the sprain, but Balor could miss a few weeks to a few months with a sprain. He can still walk on it, but doing his style of wrestling would require a complete heal or he risks breaking it which would cause a great deal of missed time.

Finn Balor with NXT Title
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Six weeks is the average recovery period, which would work out greatly for WWE who need him back in the ring by the first of April. This just so happens to be about six weeks away.

While this is good news for WWE, it is something to look out for. He could have a severe sprain that could take up to four months to recover from, or he could cost himself by getting back too early and cause yet another issue. This is why WWE will most likely take a lot of caution with Finn Balor.

WWE NXT has already taped shows up to the WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas event. That means Finn Balor will not have to wrestle again until that very event. WWE would have to keep him off live events for a little while, but there is a good shot that he won't miss the event. WWE cannot afford to lose him, so we can assume that will do all they can to get him back and healthy.

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