‘Downton Abbey’ Spoilers: Mary And Edith Lucky In Love While Thomas Continues His Downward Spiral

Downton Abbey is in its final season, and spoilers abound. Last week’s episode included one of the most dramatic scenes ever on the show, when we all worried about the fate of Lord Grantham. What’s in store for us tonight in the sixth episode of Downton Abbey Season 6? Well, PBS themselves has released some Downton Abbey spoilers ahead of tonight’s broadcast, and more can be found elsewhere on the internet. Let’s take a look and see what we know.

First, a few Downton Abbey spoilers are included in PBS‘s preview video for tonight’s episode of Downton Abbey. Take a look below.

So, what spoilers are included in this Downton Abbey preview video? Stop reading now if you don’t want to know.

The first Downton Abbey spoiler provided in the video above is news of a one-day Open House at the Grantham home. It’s for charity. Design and Trend reports that the purpose of the Open House is to raise money for the village hospital, so it seems we will see the Downton Abbey argument about the hospital continue this week. This will be interesting to watch, as the Dowager has now lost all support for her perspective. She’s a feisty lady though, we don’t need a Downton Abbey spoiler to tell us that she will not fade quietly into the background regarding this issue.

In another Downton Abbey spoiler, we see that the event makes some of the family, including Lord Grantham, anxious. We see him recuperating in bed as he asks, “Well what are they paying to see? We’ve nothing to show them.” Oh, my dear Robert. You really don’t know how the rest of the world lives, do you? Downton Abbey is like a palace to most of the world. Will he perhaps encounter someone from the Open House and get a little perspective? Maybe he gets out of bed against doctor’s orders, or maybe someone attending the Downton Abbey Open House strays into a forbidden area of the house and runs into him. We’ll see.

The next Downton Abbey spoiler in the preview is Carson holding a cane, as Mrs. Hughes asks him if he’s found anyone to hit with it yet. We love the playful interactions between these two, but whose cane is he holding? Bates? Why would Bates be walking about with his cane?

The preview video provides another Downton Abbey spoiler when it shows Edith picking up Bertie in her car, apparently late, as he says he thought she had forgotten about him. Maybe in the midst of the Downton Abbey Open House, she becomes sidetracked and runs late. She thanks God that she found him and so do we, and not just in this episode. We’re all hoping this love interest proves successful for Downton Abbey’s Lady Edith. She sure does deserve it.

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The preview also provides a spoiler related to Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary. It seems that she attends a dinner at which Henry Talbot is also in attendance, and it turns out to be quite the event as Mary proclaims, “Heavens, we are quite a party,” and Talbot grins as he takes a drink. Will this be her true love? Perhaps, as Design and Trend also reports that Mary’s admirer will make his intentions known at the dinner.

Downton Abbey‘s Thomas Barrows has been quite lost this season. He fears he will soon lose his job and has been unable to find other employment. International Business Times shares a spoiler about tonight’s episode and Thomas. We saw a bit of hope for him as he agreed to teach Andy how to read last week. At least, we thought this would give him a sense of purpose and help him mentally and emotionally. It seems this will not last, however, and that on this week’s episode of Downton Abbey Thomas begins to feel trapped. In his position at Downton? That would be understandable given his experience with job interviews in the last few episodes.

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