Celebrate Bob Marley Day With New Legal Marley-Juana Line: Cannabis In A Bottle, Skincare Products, And More

Bob Marley, the music legend who has brought the reggae community to its peak, would have celebrated his 71st birthday February 6, 2016, if he was still alive. But indeed, Bob Marley and his legacy continues to live on in millions of hearts and minds—and now, more recently, immortalized in bottles of marijuana now sold across states in the U.S.

Marley Natural, a private company developed by Bob Marley's family and funded by the Privateer Holdings of Seattle, is launching a new line of marijuana products in celebration of Bob Marley's 71st birthday, Business Wire reports. The marijuana and marijuana-infused products that were launched by Marley Natural consists of products that do only cater to stoners, but rather, evoke a healthy lifestyle among regular people with the use of cannabis.

Cedella Marley, Bob Marley's daughter and currently the spokesperson for Marley Natural, shares how excited the whole Marley family is in sharing Bob Marley's take on marijuana with the whole world.

"We are fortunate to be living during a promising time of positive change, especially with regard to cannabis and how people understand it. My dad would be so happy to see so many people appreciating the natural, healing power of the herb. We are thrilled to be sharing Marley Natural products with the world just in time for his 71st birthday."
Marley Natural bottled cannabis flower and oil (via Marley Natural)
Marley Natural bottled cannabis flower and oil. [Image via Marley Natural]The first line of Marley-juana products that Marley Natural launched is bottled sun-grown cannabis flower and oil, available in four varieties. Listed at the Marley Natural Shop website, the four varieties of the bottled marijuana are as follows.
  • Marley Green -- features hybrid strains recommended for people beginning their journey with Marley Natural. Marley Green strains have balanced levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that combine the cerebral effects of sativa with the physical relaxation of indica. Marley Green strains are appropriate for anytime use.
  • Marley Gold -- features sativa strains that offer energetic, uplifting effects that may produce a more cerebral experience compared to other cannabis strains. Marley Gold strains are appropriate for daytime use.
  • Marley Red -- features CBD (cannabidiol)-rich strains that combine CBD and THC in a beneficial ratio. CBD-rich cannabis is frequently reported to provide patients and consumers with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive effects of strains high in THC. Marley Red strains are appropriate for anytime use.
  • Marley Black - features indica strains recommended for connoisseurs seeking a more physical, full-body experience. Marley Black strains are high in THC and appropriate for nighttime use.
All the cannabis that Marley Natural uses in the products are hand-selected in farms run by experienced growers and are committed to sustainable farming practices. Marley Natural claims that their products are 100 percent natural and sun-grown, untainted by harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Marley Natural general manager Tahira Rehmatullah says the following in a statement.
"It is extremely important to us and to the family that Marley Natural operates with integrity and a strong social conscience. We source our products in an environmentally and socially responsible way, as we believe Bob Marley would have wanted."
For a more non-stoner experience, Marley Natural also introduced body care products infused with cannabis sativa oil or hemp seed. They emphasize that hemp seed has outstanding moisturizing qualities that have great skin and health benefits, containing 80 percent essential fatty acids, which is one of the highest percentages of any plant in the world.

Marley Natural body care line featuring hemp seed (via Marley Natural)
Marley Natural body care line featuring hemp seed [Image via Marley Natural]The Marley Natural body care line features Hemp Seed Lip Balm, Hemp Seed Body Lotion, Hemp Seed Body Wash, Hemp Seed Soap, Essential Oil Blend, and Hemp Seed Body Salve. In addition to hemp seed, the marijuana-infused products are made of natural botanicals sourced directly from Jamaica.

As of today, the Bob Marley-inspired marijuana products are already for sale in California. But Marley Natural hopes to expand the distribution of the marijuana products to other weed-legal states throughout 2016, and internationally in 2017.

The Marley Natural company, which is built around legend Bob Marley, has been making pretty good progress in terms of marijuana products, even helping put Bob Marley on the top four of Forbes' top-earning dead celebrities. In 2015, Bob Marley's family netted $21 million from royalties.

Years after Bob Marley passed away, he is still revered by millions of people all over the world. (Photo by Gary Merrin/Keystone/Getty Images)
Years after Bob Marley passed away, he is still revered by millions of people all over the world. [Photo by Gary Merrin/Keystone/Getty Images]Every year, Toronto declares February 6 a Bob Marley Day, in commemoration of Bob Marley's advocacy of promoting peace and standing up for what is right through his music and lyrics.

[Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images]