Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’: Red Lobster Responds, Celebs Freak Out Over Hot Sauce

Beyoncé’s “Formation” nearly broke the internet on Saturday with the surprise release of the song and music video. The politically-charged track presents some serious social commentary and seems personal for Beyoncé.

Bustle reported that meaning behind the lyrics to Beyoncé’s “Formation” is all about slaying the haters. Carefully chosen words apply to her heritage, family, and what her fame means to her. Lyrics getting the most attention on social media include the following.

“Ya’ll haters corny with that Illuminati mess / Paparazzi catch my fly, and my cocky fresh

“I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros. I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.

“I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.

“When he f**k me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay.”

In the video, even her daughter Blue Ivy appears, adding a powerful, multi-generational touch.

It’s not just Beyoncé fans going crazy over hot sauce and cheddar biscuits. Celebrities are freaking out, too.

John Legend, Kendall Jenner, and Laverne Cox were just a few of the celebrities to take to Twitter and share their reactions to Beyoncé’s “Formation.” The raunchy lyrics about chain restaurant Red Lobster and carrying hot sauce received the most love.

Of course, Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, was also quick to show some love after the video dropped.

A medley of other celebrities also chimed in on social media.

That new @beyonce video got me like (Cc @harryshumjr @shelbyrabara ???? @davinaplusdaniel )

A photo posted by Kevin McHale (@kevinmchale) on

Meanwhile, the Red Lobster social media team took over eight hours to jump on trending #RedLobster and capitalize on the hype.

It was quite the lackluster effort from Red Lobster, and did nothing but disappoint. Not to mention it was way too late. Needless to say, Twitter users let them have it.

Thankfully, Southwest Airlines seized the opportunity and brought their “A game” to Twitter.

Beyoncé dropped the “Formation” single on Tidal as a free download on her artist page. She co-owns the streaming service with husband Jay Z and Rihanna.

It is rumored that “Formation” will be performed by Beyoncé during Super Bowl 50’s halftime show.

In case you missed it, check out Beyoncé’s “Formation” video (dirty lyrics).