Louis Tomlinson: When Will The Circus Around One Direction Baby End?

Louis Tomlinson must get thoroughly sick of seeing his name in the gossip columns. One Direction star Louis has been at the center of a media circus for the past five years, and there seems to be no end in sight. For the last six months, sections of the media have had a seemingly unending fascination with Louis’ becoming a father. As any fan of Tomlinson or One Direction knows, it was widely reported last month that baby Freddie Tomlinson has arrived. Sadly, the arrival of the first One Direction baby has ramped up an increase in reporting about Tomlinson, his child, and his love life.

As reported in Inquisitr earlier this week the Daily Mail reported that Louis had spent the evening in Venice, California, celebrating Danielle Campbell’s birthday. Bizarrely, the Mail suggested that Louis and Danielle were enjoying a double celebration of her birthday and the arrival of Louis’ baby. If that wasn’t enough, Xpose reports today that Louis wants to introduce Danielle to his son. Strangely enough, an “insider” claims that Louis’ baby mama, Briana Jungwirth, is not that keen.

“Louis really wants Danielle to meet Freddie soon – but Briana is uncomfortable about the whole thing and has said she isn’t ready for Danielle to play a role in his son’s life yet. Danielle is feeling frozen out by the situation and Louis is trying to keep the peace with everyone. Things are quite intense.”

It is likely that Tomlinson stopped reading the gossip columns years ago, but can you imagine how he must feel to be portrayed in this way? Are we really expected to believe that Tomlinson, who comes from a large close knit and very loving family, is as insensitive as is being suggested?

Does anyone believe that Louis, a man who adores children, who donates millions of his own cash to children’s charities, would be so crass as to expect a new girlfriend to celebrate the fact he just had a child with another woman?

All indications are that Louis and Briana had a very brief relationship, as a result of which she fell pregnant. The likelihood is that Tomlinson may not know Jungwirth that well, but are we expected to believe that Louis would simply expect that Briana should expect another woman to be part of her baby’s life a fortnight after his birth?

The controversy regarding Louis’ baby continues to throw up the most bizarre claims. J-14 reports that a source has told Hollywood Life that Tomlinson is furious with his One Direction bandmates because none of them have visited little Freddie.

“None of the other One Direction guys have been to visit Louis since he had this baby, which has been upsetting to Louis. He knows that because the band has been on an extended hiatus, the other guys should have the time and make some time to come meet his new son.

“Louis is enjoying fatherhood and his life has changed a lot since Freddie was born. He wants to share his son with his mates, but he is still sad and disappointed they haven’t been by yet. Louis is trying his best to be patient and understanding, though, and be the best father he can be.”

It is fair to say that the way the news of Louis’ baby has been handled has been beyond bizarre from the very beginning. Louis has not discussed fatherhood publicly, other than a very brief statement on Good Morning America. Tomlinson banned journalists from asking questions about the baby, and there has been a resounding silence about the issue from Tomlinson’s team.

There was no official press release about either the pregnancy or the birth. Any announcements about Freddie Tomlinson have been dealt with by way of leaks to the tabloids and a couple of social media posts by Louis. Tomlinson was never seen in public with Jungwirth after the pregnancy news broke and Louis has never, not once, mentioned Jungwirth’s name in public.

For many of Tomlinson’s fans nothing about this situation makes any sense. As a result of Louis’ silence, speculation has run rife. Sadly it seems that the confusion over Tomlinson’s baby has led to some fans attacking Jungwirth’s family on social media. The Daily Mail reports that Jungwirth’s family are taking legal advice about the issue.

Of course, Jungwirth’s family are hardly blameless, and many of Louis fans will feel that the family fanned the flames with thinly-veiled attacks on Tomlinson and his fans.

What many of Tomlinson’s fans will never understand is that Louis could have ended all the speculation with one short press statement or interview. Louis has chosen not to do so for reasons known only unto himself. It seems likely that until such time as Louis takes steps to close down the gossip this three-ringed-circus will continue and that cannot be in anyone’s best interests.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]