Kim Kardashian: Boy Who Took Her Virginity At 14 Revealed

The Kim Kardashian story just took another sharp turn into TMI territory with the revealing of the boy who took her virginity. According to former Kardashian nanny Pam Behar, young Kim’s first time was with TJ Jackson, none other than the nephew of a certain Michael Jackson. There was nearly a Kardashian-Jackson dynasty in the making! Lordy.

Kardashian has previously revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she lost her virginity at 14, to a boy she had dated for years.

The reality star’s account matches the contents of Pam Behar’s new tell-all book, Malibu Nanny, which was released this week. The memoir recounts Behar’s time with the family from 1991 to 1996, and covers the years-long relationship between Kardashian and Jackson.

Despite confessing she had been sexually active at such a young age, Kardashian has never revealed the identity of her partner. But Behar’s book describes how young sweethearts Kim and TJ dated “for many years” – exactly the same description Kim gave to Oprah on a June 18 edition of Oprah’s Next Chapter.

According to Kardashian, at 14 she had been in a two-year relationship with a man who was ‘close to the family.’ Kim told Oprah that she decided she was ready to have sex with him, and talked with her mom Kris Jenner about it. Jenner, ever the responsible mother, seemed laidback about her daughter’s idea, and immediately put her on birth control.

TJ Jackson, who I calculate was 17 at the time of his sexual encounter with Kardashian, is now married with three kids. Since leaving Kardashian, he went on to become part of the pop boy band 3T, alongside his two older brothers, Toriano Adaryll Jackson II and Taryll Adren Jackson.

In an odd coincidence, today is actually TJ’s 34th birthday, so congrats to you sir! Your present is … dubious fame!