Why Taylor Swift Was Smitten -- This Is What It Feels Like In Harry Styles' Arms

A woman who met Harry Styles has come forward describing what it feels like in Harry's arms.

The One Direction-lover met Harry and spent enough time with him to get a sense of what the hunk is about. She describes being wrapped in "a cocoon of Harry" as he hugged her, and being soothed by the heartthrob's calming energy.

The woman revealed that Harry appears to consider the mind-state of his fans deeply, acknowledging that the moment of meeting Harry is important and momentous for those who have spent so much time watching him on-screen.

The 1D-lover reveals that Harry Styles appears to be sensitive enough to treat this with respect. The hunk sinks into the dynamic of each individual fan meeting and goes with the flow, searching tenderly for the power in the moment and any connection the two of you may have with one another.

The swooning fan states that Harry does this by making eye contact and by generally soothing you with his presence. It is Harry's very body and energy that makes you feel special -- a sort of peaceful knowing emanates from Harry Styles, according to the girl, reaching out and affecting the person he is with. The fan describes it with an almost spiritual-sounding rapture.

"[W]hen Harry meets you he always makes eye contact, like he just KNOWS how important it is for you to know he's here with you... he gives you this amazing happy grin like he can't believe he finally met you and when he hugs you he pulls you tight to him and wraps his arms around you and it's like a cage but in the best way, you feel safe and just like, at home?? [sic]"
Interestingly, equally-besotted Taylor Swift wrote that she, too, felt soothed by Harry's presence when they were together, but worried about whether the hunk was treating other women to the pleasure of his company, according to Hollywood Life. It appears the seductive 1D hunk -- who reportedly possesses some impressive method acting skills, according to E! Online -- may indeed be able to adapt to any scenario he inhabits and create the desired effect.

The fan reveals that Harry's breathing is extremely slow and everything about him is calming.

The One Direction star is indeed known for his slow, deep manner of speaking, which may be linked to this slow breathing the fan observed. During 1D Day, Louis Tomlinson actually described Harry's way of speaking as "morbid" (Tomlinson said it after tennis star Andy Murray appeared on screen; Tomlinson joked that Murray may be the only person on earth who has a more morbid-sounding voice than Harry Styles.)

In an interview with Sunrise in Australia, the female reporter noted that Harry has an intense stare -- his gaze does not waver from you, as if he is indeed drinking up the moment and broodingly assessing the situation. At 5:01 of the video, the blonde presenter makes a comment about it.

"Harry's got an intense stare, hasn't he?"
Her brunette companion agrees heartily.
"Hasn't he! That's what I thought. He does. He just sits there and stares at you."
The interviewers agree that the One Direction boys are lovely. A bit of banter about whether the boys are media-managed or genuinely polite follows, with the trio agreeing that it appears genuine and that there is nothing wrong with good manners.

Back to Harry's fateful recent hug with a fan: the Harry-lover reveals that Styles nuzzled her neck and breathed in as if he wanted to inhale her, like a bouquet of flowers!

Could Harry have been taken with this particular person? When the boys appeared on Ellen, Harry Styles revealed during a game of "Never Have I Ever" that he is the only member of One Direction who has hooked up with a fan before.
"[H]e doesn't let go for ages, like it feels like hours even though it may be minutes or even seconds."
Harry Styles is a "swayer" -- he rocked the girl back and forth throughout the hug, taking her on a tiny ride of sorts while she was cocooned in his strong body. The girl was pleased to receive a final tight squeeze from Harry just before he let go, as if he wanted to "give [her] one last thing to remember him by."

The anecdote will no doubt be lapped up by Harry-lovers. Sugarscape once humorously reported that the enormously attractive Harry Styles has ruined fangirls' chances of ever finding a partner, because he sets the bar so high.

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