Little Mix Dance Live With Jason Derulo While Jade's Stalker Is Prosecuted

With Valentine's Day around the corner, it appears that Little Mix is all about love -- but some fans have been crossing boundaries.

On February 3, 98 FM announced that Little Mix and Jason Derulo finally published the video for their song "Secret Love Song." To top it off, Jason Derulo danced the night away with Little Mix to "Secret Love Song" at his concert at O2 Arena in London on February 5, according to Just Jared.

This comes after accusations from the media that they were "delaying their video for 'Secret Love Song' on purpose," according to a January 29 report from 4 Music.

Could the delayed release of "Secret Love Song" from Little Mix be an attempt to avoid drama from Zayn Malik? Allegedly, Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix "threw shade" at Zayn Malik by stating that Rihanna and Drake's single (released in the same week) should be a number one hit … over others (such as Zayn's release), according to Sugarscape.

Specifically, she allegedly stated on Little Mix's social media that "there's 'no justice' if Rihanna and Drake's 'Work' doesn't beat [Zayn Malik]."

Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock tweeted that she supported Rihanna's new single more than Zayn Malik's.
Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix has been quick to show her support of Rihanna and Drake's new single as opposed to Zayn Malik's. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

On the other hand, there is a chance that Zayn Malik is trying to steer clear of stealing any of Little Mix's thunder -- but he is also denying this.

According to RTE, "Zayn has denied that he pulled out of two all-important interviews and refused to perform at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend on the same day as pop group Little Mix. [F]or fear of bumping into his ex Perrie Edwards."

Not so long ago, Little Mix complained that they could not find guys to chat them up, according to MTV U.K.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that any person that wants to chat them up is going to score a date. Jade Thirlwall was quoted by the Mirror on January 24 stating the following.

"I've been on dates where we've sat there and the first thing they've asked me is, 'What's it like being in Little Mix?' I'm like, 'Game over'. It's hard to find someone who's in it for the right reasons."
Alternatively, Little Mix is also dealing with people showing up in their lives for the wrong reasons without being invited.

Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix has been stalked, but she got justice for her case in court.
Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall recently had a stalker but was able to get justice in court. (Picture by Jeff Spicer/Stringer/Getty Images)

According to the Mirror, a man named Nabeel Waseem has been stalking Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall and now faces prosecution. Allegedly, Waseem has been harassing the Little Mix singer with "calls, emails and even showing up to a family member's house."

Although this type of frightening experience would put a damper on anyone's spirits, Jade has been persevering with the help of her Little Mix team.

Thankfully, she is not completely shaken -- and has time outside of Little Mix for a romance of her own. The press caught on to this recent Little Mix romance early on with Jade Thirlwall and noted she was whisked away to Paris in mid-January.

Following that, she was then found with her Little Mix band mates chilling at a bar with Jed Elliott, according to a January 30 report from the Bath Chronicle.

Now, a week later, it appears that the rumors are starting to be confirmed and this Little Mix queen may officially be dating Jed Elliott, according to February 5 report from Capital FM -- but it is not confirmed yet.

About their potential relationship, insiders close to Little Mix stated "It's early days but they are having fun."

The Metro adds to this with another insider that claims, "Jade and Jed have been friends for a while but they've been enjoying some down time together in January when they've been in the same country."

Outside of their drama with fans and ongoing theme of romance in early February, Little Mix are getting ready for the BRIT Awards and are doing a tour of the U.K. starting on March 13, according their website.

Along with the possibility of winning two nominations, Little Mix is also performing. For this reason, Little Mix have been getting a lot of attention -- and this includes being turned into BRIT Awards emojis, according to the Mirror.

The BRIT Awards ceremony featuring Little Mix and others will air on February 24 and will take place at the O2 Arena in London, according to Newsweek.

[Picture by Garteth Cattermole/Getty Images]