Human Trafficking Highlighted By Super Bowl While South Africa’s Top Police Chief Proposes Conference With Russia And China In March To Solve Problem

As Denver Broncos safety Ryan Murphy was recently detained for human trafficking in the United States, the Police Commissioner of South Africa prepares for a conference in March with the other countries that belong to BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India and China. One of the reasons for the conference is to deal with the issue of human trafficking.

The question is whether or not the South African government will finally deal effectively with the issues of human trafficking, sex trade, farm murders, and white genocide in South Africa. Although citizens in South Africa have been vocal on these issues, so far the South African government has failed to act effectively on these issues.

Compounding the problem is the ruling party of South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC). Instead of addressing the needs of citizens in their country and bringing prosperity, they continue to point the finger on racism while singing songs like “Kill the Boer,” a reference to white South Africans whose ancestors came from France and Holland.

USA Today reported that human trafficking worldwide is a multi-billion dollar industry and earns about $150 billion. It is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, and for those who are trapped into the web of human trafficking, 99 percent will never escape. They are condemned to a life of servitude or worse, to the sex trade. It is the modern day slavery, and there are more people worldwide who have been enslaved than at any time in history with an estimated 27 million people involved.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, Human Rights Watch released its report on human rights violations in South Africa. The report failed to mention human trafficking while emphasizing attacks against immigrants and education for disabled children. Human trafficking, farm murders and white genocide were not mentioned in the report even though farm murders rose for the fifth straight year in 2015, and over 70,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa since apartheid ended in 1994.

Whites have also been excluded from the job market because of policies like Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). The problem with policies like BEE is that they violate the Constitution of South Africa because their Constitution says that all South Africans are equal under the law.

The Daily Maverick reported that the Police Minister of South Africa Nkosinathi Nhleko released his 2016 list of top resolutions. Transformation and professionalism were the words he used to describe his goals. He said that he wanted to create a more transparent and professional police service that was accountable. A panel of experts was established, and Nhleko said that the agenda for the year would be set by the members of the panel. Many of the experts on the panel have been critical of the police in South Africa.

The panel will also include input from BRICS countries. Nhleko also said that he wanted to focus on three pieces of legislation, Critical Infrastructure Bill, Firearms Control Bill, and Independent Police Investigative Directorate Bill, as well as the issues previously mentioned. His solution to the issue of human trafficking is to hold an Africa-Russia summit in March. They plan to formulate a document to table at the United Nations. Previously Afriforum, a South African civil rights group, appeared before the United Nations in an attempt to stop farm murders. Farm murders have continued.

[Photo by Ashraf Hendricks/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images]