'The Bachelor' 2016 Spoilers: Episode 7: A Shocking Elimination In The Rose Ceremony Back In The States

On Monday, episode 6 of the 2016 season of The Bachelor will take place from the Bahamas, and Ben Higgins will send three more women home. By the time ABC is ready for episode 7 on Feb. 15, there will be only six women remaining to try and win Ben's heart, and the group returns to the United States. Two more women are heading home as the spoilers reveal, and one is a pretty big shocker.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don't want to know them, stop reading now.

For the Feb. 15 episode of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins and the remaining ladies are back on American ground and actually in Warsaw, Indiana. Ben's first date is one that ends up being with Lauren Bushnell, or as she is more commonly known, Lauren B.

According to Reality Steve, the couple heads out to the Baker's Youth Center as it is the place that Ben used to work years ago. They met up with a number of his old friends and even some players from the Indiana Pacers basketball team -- George Hill and Paul George.

Pacers' coach Frank Vogel also showed up.

As the date heads into the night, Ben and Lauren head over to Rex's Rendezvous where they met up with more of Ben's friends. The two were said to have a lot of fun inside, and many caught them sneaking a "not-so-private" kiss outside the bar.

Lauren B. isn't going anywhere.

This is truly a sports-related episode as Ben Higgins' second one-on-one date is with JoJo Fletcher and they head out to Wrigley Field to play a little bit of baseball. Ben is in a Cubs jersey and JoJo even has on a batting helmet and picks up a bat.

It looks like they had a good time, and JoJo is also not going anywhere as Ben does decide to keep her around after this fun date is over.

Well, there are still four more women in this episode, and each of them will get a date in one way or another. The group date has Ben going out with Amanda, Caila, and Becca, and it's not quite known what they all do, but it seems they may all head to a carnival and Amanda gets the group date rose.

After Ben hands her the rose, they head over to a local McDonald's to film a TV commercial. It appears as if McDonald's is the company that set up the carnival for everyone as they knew the ABC show would do their commercial shortly after.

Not only does Amanda get the group date rose, but they do spend some time kissing and making out. Along with sports, that also appears to be a theme of this episode.

There is one woman left in this episode of The Bachelor, and it's Emily. Ben takes her on another one-on-one, but it's not overly official and he takes her to meet his parents. The strange, and kind of sad, part is that right after meeting his parents, he lets Emily know he's sending her home.

So, Emily is already gone and it's down to just five women for the rose ceremony. This is where the surprising thing takes place as Ben ends up sending Becca Tilley home. There were so many rumors for so long about these two, but it just wasn't meant to be.

That being said, there will be just four women remaining once the day-after-Valentine's Day episode of The Bachelor is over. Ben Higgins will not have many women left that are chasing his heart as spoilers show, but he's come a long way from 28 possible soulmates and is now down to just four.

[Image by Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images]