Kelly Clarkson Denies Dr. Luke Allegations As Kesha Wins Small Legal Victory Against Producer

Kelly Clarkson is denying the allegations that music producer Dr. Luke brought her to tears when they worked on her hit song “Since U Been Gone.”

According to a report via JustJared, a Kesha fan account claimed that Kelly Clarkson was brought to tears by the famed music producer. Kesha herself has been in the middle of an ongoing legal battle against Dr. Luke since 2014, who she says emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually abused her during the time she worked with him. He also won’t release Kesha from her contract, which is the reason why she hasn’t been making music for the past couple of years.

The fan account used quotes from Clive Davis’ memoir, which Kelly has already slammed as false in the past. The fan account failed to notice that small detail and has wrote that “working with Dr. Luke brought @kelly_clarkson to tears. She isn’t forced to work with him like Kesha. Set Kesha free.” The tweet has since been deleted.

Kelly Clarkson, Kesha
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Kelly Clarkson has since responded to the fan account. She tweeted, “I don’t know where this info came from but yeah this never happened ha! Why people just make s**t up is amazing 2 me.”

Meanwhile, Kesha’s mother and manager has won a small victory in the lawsuit against Dr. Luke. The producer filed a countersuit, calling Kesha’s allegations “defamatory” and false. He also accused Kesha and her mother, Pebe Sebert, of defamation of character, and her manager, Jack Rovner, of interfering with the contractual relationship.

Dr. Luke’s lawsuit claims that Rovner “hates” him and has tried to gain control of Kesha’s career. He also noted that both Kesha and her mom planned to extort him for money.

Earlier this week, a New York Supreme Court judge dismissed Luke’s claims against the two, determining there was no jurisdiction over her.

“The tortious interference claim must be dismissed against [Rovner] because they are alleged to have acted in the scope of their authority for the purpose of increasing Kesha’s income (and, thereby, their own). Although [Dr. Luke alleges] that Rovner hates and is jealous of [him], that is not enough. The cases require a showing that the agent acted outside the scope of his authority, in bad faith, and committed an independent tort. Even assuming hatred and jealousy amount to bad faith, they are not torts.”

That hasn’t stopped Dr. Luke who filed a similar lawsuit against Pebe in Tennessee, which is currently still active.

While Kesha’s music career has been at a halt amid the legal battle, she has found other ways to express herself. Last year, she toured with her new band The Yeast Infection, and has recently released an emotional cover of “Amazing Grace” on YouTube.

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A new hearing in Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr. Luke is scheduled on Feb. 19 and many of her fans have promised to protest the singer’s freedom outside the courthouse. That’s when she will know if she will be able to record music without the producer.

Kesha spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the lawsuit back in October. The pop star revealed that she has been working on new music, even though she can’t release anything as of yet.

“I’m dying to put out music, I’m dying, literally. But while I can’t, I’m just gathering ideas and just praying for the day to come soon that I can put out music. It’s all over the place. I have no idea what it’s going to sound like. All I know is that I have a lot to write about. There’s so much to say right now. Nothing to speak of for sure yet, but just pray for it.”

The singer and songwriter is also set to receive the Visibility Award from the Nashville chapter of the Human Rights campaign, a civil rights organization that represents the LGBT community. The event will take place on March 5 during the 21st Annual HRC Nashville Equality Dinner.

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