Seolhyun: K-Pop Idol Of AOA Shares Personal Thoughts On ‘Rivalry’ Against Tzuyu Of TWICE

When it comes to K-pop idol groups, each member usually learns where they excel when it comes to activities outside the limitation of being in a group. For example, CL of 2NE1 and Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation find they are doing well as soloists. On the other hand, their fellow group members, Dara and Yoona respectively, find success in acting for Korean dramas and movies.

Actually, it is safe to say the pursuit of solo endeavors as either a music soloist or film and television actor are quite common among K-pop idol groups. Yet they are not the only paths K-pop idols can take. Some become models while others open up a line in fashion design. Finally, there is even the pursuit of promoting goods and services through CF contracts.

Concentrating on the latter of that list, there are two K-pop idols who stand out in 2015. The first is Seolhyun of AOA. At this moment, she is everywhere thanks to her CF contract with SK Telecom (commercial for SK Telecom’s “T pet” with Junior of GOT7 attached below). As a result, she is known as the “CF Queen.” Seolhyun has become so popular that some people have tried to steal or legally sell online her cardboard cutouts. The second is Tzuyu of TWICE. Though she, along with the rest of TWICE, is only five months old in the business, they have CF contracts with groups representing cosmetics, cell phones, video games, clothing, and more which total up to $1.55 million.

What makes Seolhyun and Tzuyu “rivals” is that some fans claim Tzuyu is similar to Seolhyun and will eventually take the crown of “CF Queen” from her. Said “rivalry” has supposedly picked up thanks to fandoms, but now we finally get to know what one half of the “rivalry” has to say as Seolhyun shared her personal thoughts. Seolhyun even goes as far as to say what she thinks about Tzuyu herself.

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Seolhyun made her personal thoughts known on the Korean talk show One Night. According to Korean news outlet Asia E, Seolhyun was asked what her thoughts were about Tzuyu of TWICE after the interviewer mentioned that Tzuyu is often recognized among the K-pop community as Seolhyun’s rival. Seolhyun not only shared her personal thoughts, she even made known what she thinks about Tzuyu herself.

“I’ve seen her in real life, and she’s really cute and pretty. But she’s not my rival. My real rival is myself.”

In short, the “rivalry” between Seolhyun and Tzuyu was a fabrication made among fans simply because one is the current “CF Queen” while the other has the looks and similar character traits of the current queen to become the future queen.

Seolhyun, however, does believe she is the “top choice” when it comes to CF contracts, as reported by KpopStarz. Prior to sharing her personal thoughts on Tzuyu, Seolhyun did express her desire to shoot commercials for an array of items including water (purification systems or bottled water), appliances, washing machines, televisions, and cameras.

This year might just be the year when Seolhyun will be able to achieve her ambitions. However, she may be wanting to do more because she hasn’t earned much from her current CF contracts despite the fact that she has a ton of them.

[Image via FNC Entertainment/AOA Promotions for “Heart Attack”]