Kim Fields' Husband, Chris Morgan, Posts Message About 'Jokers' Ahead Of Kenya Moore's Gay Insinuation

Karen de Wilde

Will Christopher Morgan publicly respond to Kenya Moore's insinuation that he's gay, an insinuation that's made on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? He may have already decided that it's best to just ignore the negativity. On Friday, Kim Fields' husband posted a tweet from rapper Missy Elliott saying that it's best to stay positive and use your energy elsewhere rather than "check a few ppl" and go back and forth with those who live for drama. Chris thanked Missy for her message and added, "These jokers!!?!???"

Kenya says that Kim and Chris are "a weird couple." NeNe agrees that Chris has "a lot of personality that Kim doesn't have." NeNe then says that Chris seems very protective of Kim but in a weird way. "Real delicate," Porsha says.

Kenya then drops a bombshell.

"I know you all have heard the rumors. They call him Chrissy!"
"I have been in Hollywood for 20 years. I have worked with her when she was on Living Single hunny. He's called Chrissy. And I'm not talking about Three's Company."

Kenya tells the other women that "you can only suppress that urge for so long."

In her interview, Kenya says that there have been rumors about Kim's husband for years.

"For the last 10 years there have been pervasive rumors about Kim's husband. Whether it's Tootie and Frutiee or Kim and Chrissy, they exist."

Cynthia and Sheree, however, say in their interviews that it wasn't right for them to talk about Chris. Cynthia comments that "a line has been crossed" and that she stayed quiet because she didn't want to cross that line. Sheree say that if Chris really is gay and goes off on the weekends with boys but comes back during the week to be a family man, then that's his business.

Another preview shows that Kim Fields is told of what happened. Sheree tells her that there was talk of her husband being "fruity or gay." Kim shakes her head in disbelief. Will Kim keep her cool, as she did during her verbal argument with Kenya Moore earlier on the vacation, or will she finally lash out at Kenya? Will she also lash out at some of the other women for participating in the conversation and suggesting that the rumor could be true, rather than shutting it down and defending her and her husband?

On last week's episode, during the group's dinner, after Kenya and Kim got into it about Cynthia's commercial and Kim walked off when Kenya pulled her chair, Cynthia's husband, Peter Thomas, asked Kenya to talk about her problem with Kim. Kenya made clear that she didn't want to talk about it by making dramatic statements such as that she would rather gouge her eyes out and set herself on fire than talk about it. While Kim stayed silent, Chris piped up that Kenya should do just that.

"Well if she will gouge her eyes out and set herself on fire, that's probably best."

Earlier in the week, Chris Morgan responded to some people who left critical comments on a photo that Kim Fields had posted of them together. After one fan told him that it's useless to fight with the show's viewers and to rise above it rather than take their comments so seriously, Chris said that he's just doing it for sport.

"Thanks lady, but there's no fight. I'm right. I don't take any of this crap seriously, that's why I have the freedom of a good clap back when I am so inclined. I'll always crush a lonely a**h0le with NO followers, for sport!?! It goes good with my coffee!#petersbrew #dontgetinfected#cantriseanyhigher."