Jillian Michaels Fires Back At ‘Haters, Racists, And Bigots’

Jillian Michaels has had it with people who have harsh things to say about her daughter, who she adopted from Haiti when the child was two. Almost four years later, it seems she’s still hearing criticism for the decision, and she says she has a message for ‘haters, racists, and bigots.’

Michaels told Diva Mag less than two weeks ago that she had grown a thick skin where racist and homophobic remarks were concerned. She says she’s hearing a wide range of attacks on her family — for the fact that she and and her partner are in a same-sex relationship, for the fact that her son is half-Latino, and about her daughter, who is black.

She says the racial remarks come from two angles — while some are definitive attacks on Michaels’ little girl, others accuse her of making her adoption choices merely to fit a trend.

Still, Jillian says it’s old hat.

“To be honest, nothing can shake me. I’ve been in the public eye for 12 years now and I love my life.”

It seems that at some point, though, either the comments have gotten worse or Michaels has simply had enough, because on Friday, she began to respond on social media.

Here’s the image from Jillian Michaels’ Instagram, cropped to be safe for work and family settings.

Jilian Michaels has a message for racists and bigots

Or you can click here to see the full image on Michaels’ Instagram. To be entirely clear, the image is of Michaels aiming a certain rude finger gesture toward the camera, and may be offensive to some viewers.

Jillian gave a little more context on her Facebook page (the full image is also there, so NSFW warning), letting followers know that racial slurs will be deleted.

“All your ignorant slurs are blocked on this page. Do you really think I’d give you a platform?”

Of course, Michaels and her family have gotten a little more public exposure recently, since E! launched a docu-series called Just Jillian, focusing on the television personality’s personal life and efforts to balance career and family.

Back in 2012, Jillian Michaels faced criticism over a different aspect of adopting her daughter — the timing. According to Us Weekly, Michaels adopted the 2-year-old girl in the same month that her partner, Heidi Roades, gave birth to the couple’s son.

Jillian Michaels with new daughter, son, partner

Michaels has discussed her adoption previously, and made it clear that she isn’t trying to set a trend or tell anyone else where they should seek an adoptive child.

Now that she’s spoken up, she’s got plenty of backup. Numerous followers on social media have tweeted or commented to let Michaels know they’re with her on this.

Altogether, no one could blame any mom for reacting pretty strongly to negativity about her kids and family, but the change in attitude from declaring thick skin to flipping off critics in just 10 days suggests that Jillian Michaels may have seen a lot more bad behavior than she ever expected when she launched her new show.

[Image via E!]