Demi Lovato Woos Voters With Instagram Posts To Support 'Favorite Presidential Candidate'

Ernie Howell

Demi Lovato is also confident she is backing the future President of the United States.

In multiple Instagram posts on her account, Demi has signaled her support for a Democratic candidate for the nomination, according to Just Jared. For reasons beyond the fact that she is also a female, Lovato chose to support Hillary Clinton in her bid to become the Democratic nominee this year.

Earlier this week, Demi shared a selfie of herself and the former First Lady to support Hillary's cause in Iowa. In the caption, Lovato urged voters to have their voice heard.

"I encourage EVERYONE of age in Iowa to get out and support your favorite Presidential candidate. Personally, #ImWithHer… @hillaryclinton"

"I couldn't have been more excited to support such a courageous, loving and #CONFIDENT woman in Iowa last night. Thank you @hillaryclinton for having me.. It was an honor to share the stage with you in your campaign to become the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! Your have my vote!!!"
"btw her being a woman is just a bonus.. Not the reasoning behind my decision"

Since then, Demi has backed her words with poignant decisions that she admittedly would have failed to make as recently as a few years ago. One such bold move was her decision to pose nude for Vanity Fair, orchestrating a photo shoot only hours after the death of her grandfather as a way to show her confidence. It was the second nude photo shoot Lovato participated in after releasing her album, the Inquisitr reported.

Demi has also confidently shared details of her past over the last year. In addition to sharing her low self-esteem issues, Lovato also potentially revealed she has bi-sexual encounters in the past based off lyrics from her smash hit "Cool For The Summer." In an interview in England, Demi would neither confirm nor deny the news, leaving many to conclude Lovato had participated in the encounters.

Adding more excitement to her big year in 2015, Demi announced she and Nick Jonas would tour together again in 2016 on Future Now: The Tour. Demi Lovato and Jonas have toured together multiple times, going back to when Nick was part of the Jonas Brothers group. The duo have planned a 44-stop concert series that will span the country between June and September.

Her Instagram posts are not all serious in nature, however. Demi took time to share pictures of herself and boyfriend Wilma Valderrama at a wolf sanctuary to celebrate the That 70's Show actor's birthday. Lovato was joined on the outing by her sister Madison De La Garza, who's certainly matured since her time as Juanita Solis on Desperate Housewives as a child.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]